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Coya Affiliate:

Are you an influencer or a licensed broker? Put your contacts to use and earn money on every sale of a Coya product you recommend via financeAds.

There is always a place for you in our Affiliate Community!

Let us know what your specialty is. We can create a campaign and personal commission plan that is right just for you.

Cashback portals


Email marketers

Review websites


Many more


Your benefits include:

Higher commission with quick, hassle-free payouts
Extended Cookie expiration period: 60 days
Excellent tracking and high approval rating
Your personal affiliate manager and quick, direct contact to Coya
Scale-up and increased commission based on your performance
High-conversion rates and optimized marketing materials

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Explore your products

Here is a quick overview of our insurances and the commission you could earn with each product.

min. €30 CPA

Home Contents

Cover everything that makes a house your home. 

min. €25 CPA

Private Liability

Because damages you’ve caused to other people (third parties) are extra fragile.

min. €20 CPA

Dog Liability

Get coverage for your dog. In case of damage your innocent look won't help you. ;)

min. €40 CPA

Bike Theft

It's not just any old bike. It's your new bike.

min. €40 CPA

E-Bike Theft

Your new E-Bike won't let you sweat. Neither do we.

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