Bike Theft Insurance

It's not just any old bike. It's your new bike.

What is Bike Theft Insurance?

Your bicycle is insured against theft, partial theft of bike parts and vandalism, as long as it's been secured with its own lock.

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Super friendly English speaking customer service, a rarity in Germany, and really good for expats who are still learning the language. Customer service was responsive throughout the whole period and made the processing, although a bit long, a very pleasant experience. Also probably the easiest insurance company I’ve ever had to deal with.

Christian (one of our happy customers via Google reviews)

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Answers to burning questions

What happens when I've had my bike for more than 5 years?

Once your bike passes the 5 year limit, your contract automatically ends on the last day that month. Note, that the bike you purchased must be brand new. We do not insure used bikes!


What is the frame number for?

The frame number (also called serial number) is your bike's unique identification. It helps us and the police identify it in case of a theft. Once you have entered it and closed a contract, it will be listed and ready for you to find anytime in your dashboard.


Is my bike insured worldwide?

Yes, for temporary trips between 3–6 months.


How old can my bicycle be when I close the insurance contract?

Your bike cannot be older than 12 months from the day you purchase it, with you as it's original owner.


Am I really always reimbursed the original price of my bike?

If your bike gets stolen, you will always receive the so-called 'replacement value'. This means that we always reimburse the current market value of the same bike (or similar model) so you can replace the one you had with an equally good ride.

As an example: Your bike for which you paid €599 is stolen. During the time you had it, its market price decreased to €566. In this case, we would reimburse you €566, still allowing you to buy it brand new.


Is it really that easy to get coverage from Coya?

Yes, we are serious. We have founded Coya because we ourselves were fed up with complicated language, intransparent contracts and paperwork. You can really get covered with us in just a few minutes, view your documents online 24/7 and cancel at any time. Convince yourself!


Check out our terms & conditions

What is covered?

  • Dein Fahrrad/E-Bike und fest mit demFahrrad/E-Bike verbundene und zu seiner Funktion gehörende Teile;
  • Das verwendete Schloss (sofern angegeben);
  • Dein „GPS-Tracker“ (sofern vorhanden und mit angegeben).

Sum Insured and Insured Value

  • Die Versicherungssumme ergibt sich aus dem Händlerverkaufspreis des
    a) versicherten Bikes bei Ersterwerb(Kauf des fabrikneuen Bikes durch den ersten Besitzer),
    b) Schlosses (sofern angegeben),
    c) „GPS-Trackers“ (sofern vorhanden und angegeben).
  • Versichert ist der Neuwert.

Insured Risks

  • Diebstahl (auch aus verschlossenen Kraftfahrzeugen oder Fahrradträgern);
  • Einbruchdiebstahl;
  • Raub;
  • Teilediebstahl;
  • Vandalismus.

What is not covered?

Not covered items are for example:

  • Gewerbliche oder berufliche Nutzung des Bikes;
  • Eigenbauten, Velomobile, vollverkleidete Bikes;
  • Bikes für die eine Versicherungs- oder Führerscheinpflicht besteht;
  • Bikes mit einem Händlerverkaufspreis/Versicherungswert inkl. Schloss und GPS-Tracker von über 10.000 €;
  • Bikes, die bei Vertragsabschluss älter als 12 Monate sind (errechnet vom Kauf des Bikes durch den Erstbesitzer);
  • Zubehörteile (z. B. Kindersitz) oder sonstige Sachen, die nicht für den Betrieb erforderlich sind;

Are there any cover restrictions?

There are a number of cases, in which the insurance coverage may be limited. Events always excluded from the insurance coverage are:

  • Vorsätzlich herbeigeführte Schäden;
  • Schäden die nicht die Funktion der Sache beeinträchtigen (z. B. Schrammen und Schäden an der Lackierung oder sonstige Schönheitsfehler);
  • Sonstige Beschädigungen von außen wie z. B. Sturz- und Unfallschäden, Wetterereignisse, höhere Gewalt;
  • Krieg, kriegsähnlichen Ereignissen, Bürgerkrieg, Revolution, Rebellion, Aufstand, innere Unruhen, Kernenergie, nuklearer Strahlung oder radioaktiven Substanzen.

Download the full version of our terms and conditions:

Bike Theft Terms & Conditions (PDF, 0.3 mb)