5 Things that Yoga and Coya Have in Common

Who knew that yoga and your insurance company could have so much in common?
Paige McKinnon

You may not immediately put Coya and the practice of yoga in the same category. But the two actually have a lot in common. We explore the similarities this International Yoga Day.

1. Flexibility

Improving flexibility can help you prevent injuries, cure aches and pains, and better your balance. Many yoga positions and practices can help your flexibility. Joining the Coya community may not help you touch your toes or complete the backward bridge. But your insurance policies will be just as limber as a yogi. Add or update Coya protections from your dashboard. Cancel your coverage at any time.

2. Peace of Mind

Yoga and mindful meditation can work hand-in-hand. Through yoga, you may practice being in the moment and letting go of stresses, uncomfortable emotions, or anxiety. Coya also offers peace of mind. Don’t worry about breaking a friend’s new cell phone, about your dog biting the mailman, or about how leaking pipes can damage your new TV. Coya insurance will cover these - and many more - issues. Live more, and breathe freely. We’ve got you

3. Can Do It Anywhere

Studios, YouTube videos, apps, and your own meditation. Yoga can be practiced nearly anywhere with limited restrictions. Coya is also with you everywhere and anywhere. You can easily buy new policies, view your insurance documents, submit a claim, or get in touch with the Coya Customer Care Team online. We’re with you anywhere you and your phone go.

4. Unique and Ready Just For You

There are many different practices of yoga. With so many options, you can find a type of yoga that best fits your physical and mental fitness and needs. You can try different practices, change teachers, and make adjustments so that you may receive the full benefits and joys of yoga. There is a practice that is unique to you.

Coya insurance is customizable to fit the protections you need. You won't be lumped into an insurance policy that doesn't match your lifestyle or needs. Add family household members to your Private Liability Insurance. Include Glass Breakage protection to your Home Contents Insurance. Protect your furry friend with Dog Liability Insurance

5. Downward Facing Dog

Need we say more?!

So take a deep breath, prep your yoga mat, and get insured! Happy International Yoga Day.

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