Corona at Coya: Keep calm and spread compassion

Words from corona isolation: While Coyans works from their home offices, our service remains as reliable and digital as ever!

2020 started for Coya with big goals. We wanted to expand the coverage we offer to better fit our customers' unique needs. We wanted to review our existing online structure to make our tools easier to use. We promised to work as a team to deliver bigger and better protection for you. Every meeting room was booked, post-its of ideas were everywhere, and the coffee machines were running at full force. We were in a relay race: each team working hard and passing the baton to the next group after each completed task. 

Life laughs when we make plans

Ten weeks ago the world looked different: The coronavirus was a side note. Eight weeks ago, we did not know that the things we take for granted in Germany (and in many other industrialized nations) would suddenly be in question. Travel, open borders, unrestricted movement, overcrowded hospitals. This pandemic brings many of us who have not been exposed to a natural disaster, war, or shortage into contact with an unknown way of living and working. The biggest challenge is not (only) the change in our way of life, it is the speed with which it must happen. But we are sure that we will make weather these difficult and new times together.

What changes for us as a startup?

Coya has decided to close our Berlin-Kreuzberg office. Our team will work from home for the time being in order to do our part to slow down the spread of COVID-19. We do not wish to be responsible for further spreading the disease and hope that this small action will enable nursing staff and hospitals to help people who need medical attention. But as a Coya community, we feel strong and prepared for the time ahead. For you, nothing will change in our service and the way you can report digital damages. Coyans, like you, are doing their best in the situations we are faced with. Some are calm. Others are more fearful (for themselves and their loved ones). Some are disappointed to have to cancel much-deserved and anticipated travel plans. But, as a Coya community, we appreciate the trust given to work remotely. This trust and respect are essential to our work environments and relationships. But as a Coya community we feel strong and prepared for the time ahead: For you, nothing will change in our service and the way you can report digital damages.

Washing our hands but staying focused on you and our goals

While we manage our emotions and our individual responsibility, we also must keep a focused eye on our Coya goals. New news comes every day. So our team will be called upon to act agilely to ensure that everything remains the same for our customers. And we promise you this: Corona will not change the advantages you have with our products. That’s what it means when we call ourselves digital and flexible!

Keep calm, protect your loved ones, and Coyeah!

COVID-19 will remind us to be good to ourselves and one another. We will be considerate of each other, keep our composure, and listen to the experts. We must separate fake news and scare tactics from actual information. We will take advantage of what digitalization offers. The Coya team will remain in our homes for two weeks but work together over the phone, via video meetings, and through chat apps. We will remain customer-focused, improving our service and products from isolation. The times are, we have no better word for it, crass. But we know that we can weather this difficult time as a community. As a Coya community and a world community.

Take care of yourselves, wash your hands, and act responsibly. Above all, we wish you good health.

Your Coya Team

Header Image: Coya AG / Unsplash ©
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