Coverage for people and protection for the climate

Is Coya climate-neutral? Not yet! But we do our best every day to get closer to this goal.

If you enter "earth" into Wikipedia, the following sentence appears at the top: It is the place of origin and home of all known living beings. Its diameter is more than 12,700 kilometers and its age is about 4.6 billion years. You have to let this really sink in to fully understand. Our planet is the home of all life - flora, fauna and us humans. When Coya was founded, our focus, of course, was to catapult insurance into a new age. We wanted to dust everything off, demystify, and equalize. In short, we wanted to simplify. And we hope that you agree - that's what we have done and continue to do every day. Coya develops insurance products that are close to life and close to the needs that drive us forward. 

But besides this one, shall we say, product-based world, we also focus our attention on another world within our Coya universe. The world around us. Which, as we have stated above, is home to all living things we know. We want to protect our home - all its people and nature. Now, of course, you may ask yourself why we, as an insurer, are concerned about nature and the human community. We have a very simple answer: Because insurance is made by people for people and we have (for the time being) only this one planet.

Our motivation: think big, start small

Insurance, as we know it today, follows a very strong community approach. We often forgot this when focusing on pricing policies or comparing coverage. But every cent paid benefits the big picture in case of damage. In other words, when your home is underwater because of a storm, we, as insurers, pay for your damage from the "big pot". For us, the social and entrepreneurial ideas behind Coya are inseparable.

But how do we protect the environment at Coya?

We cannot save the planet from a major climate collapse overnight. That would be like trying to move a sand dune with a little shovel. Instead, we choose to take small steps that define our path towards a larger goal. Our highest premise is to minimize paper within our product; all Coya insurances are digital. If you want to print out your policy documents, you can do so at home with your personal printer. But we make sure that we use as little paper as possible in the office. This defines Coya and is the cornerstone for sustainable thinking that runs through all areas of our daily life. For example, at Coya:

  • We separate our waste
  • Our cleaning company works with sustainable cleaning agents
  • We pay attention to our use of electricity. For example, by installing sockets with switches at our tables.
  • Many members of our team eat vegetarian or vegan food. Organic products and vegetable milk are available for everyone to use daily.
  • Part of this year's No Claims Bonus was donated to "Plant for the Planet." The sustainability organization wants to stop the climate collapse by planting a trillion trees. You can read more about it here.

And now? Problem solved?

We wish. The road to a climate-neutral company is still long and rocky. Even we, despite our best efforts, stumble when trying to reach our goals. But we do our best - and it starts by making sure we don't leave the water running while we wash our hands. And asking the question "do we need to fly to New York for this one meeting - or whether we can't do it on Skype?" We can guarantee that every day we will strive to be a little bit better and a little bit nicer to our environment.

Coya AG © / Unsplash
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