Coya donates for environmental protection & digital education

Coya's members support the "ReDi School of Digital Integration" and "Plant-for-the-Planet".

The Coya community has decided: At Coya, we work to change the insurance world – making it more digital and customer friendly. We also hope to make the rest of the world a little bit better every day. That's why we supported good causes and important initiatives again this year. And you, as a member of the Coya community, helped! As part of the no-claims bonus 2019, many Coyans were able to enjoy a small repayment for the past year in early 2020. Rather than keep the repayments from having no claims in 2019, many Coyans decided to donate their bonus, selecting between two charitable organizations. In total, €14,400 euros was donated. It's not millions – yet – but every cent makes a difference and Coya intends to re-structure the no claims pledge to enable even larger donations next year.

Donation for trees and digital education

A donation of €11,500 will be made to the "Plant-for-the-Planet" organization. Plant-for-the-Planet has set itself the goal of planting one trillion trees worldwide. It all began with a school presentation in the early 2000s inspired by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) project, "The Billion Tree Campaign." Plants-for-the-Planet was formed to continue these efforts in 2011. And today it is a global movement. Many supporters, companies and organisations worldwide have helped to plant 13.6 billion trees. The initiative carries out educational projects to get young people interested in sustainability. At academies, children train each other to become ambassadors for climate justice – over 88,000 children and young people from 74 countries are already active. Additionally, Plant-for-the-Planet runs a tree nursery and the trees are planted and tended on the foundation's own land in the Yucatán region of Mexico. Individuals can follow along in an app that helps to register planted trees. It also gives visibility to other reforestation projects – trees can be planted worldwide with just a few clicks. Plans are also being made to use satellite data to track the progress of reforestation projects.

"We would like to thank Coya for the donation, which will help us to plant around 5,750 trees in our project on Yucatán in Mexico. In addition to reforestation, we are also committed to training children to become ambassadors for climate justice. With the donation from Coya, we can additionally train about 170 children. Many thanks!", says Silvia Kolb from Plant-for-the-Planet.

New trees can be planted on Yucatán in Mexico thanks to the donation of the Coya community. (Picture: Plant-for-the-Planet)

Nearly €2,900 will be also donated to the "ReDi School of Digital Integration" based in Berlin and Munich. The non-profit technology school, whose name ReDI is derived from "Readiness" and "Digital Integration" was founded in 2016. Their goal is to help refugees integrate into society and the job market. Today the school offers free courses to teach digital skills to IT-savvy newcomers and locals who had no access to digital education or a professional network. The ReDI School also teaches soft skills, introduces its students to mentors, and organizes networking events to help students kick off their careers. ReDI School partners with hundreds of companies, including Cisco, Facebook, Microsoft, Kloeckner & Co, Salesforce, Coca-Cola Foundation, Deloitte, and JP Morgan Foundation.

“We are extremely grateful for the support from Coya which will help us train more migrants in digital skills, to accelerate their path in to the German job market. We are especially proud that we have 60% female participants at ReDI School, and the support from Coya will be used to create more diversity in the IT-Industry. From the heart we thank the Coya community for your contribution. You are always welcome to have a coffee at one of our schools in Berlin or Munich to learn more about the program,” says Anne Kjaer Bathel, CEO & CO-Founder, ReDI School.

"It's important that we all do what we can"

"We care about giving back to our community. At Coya we believe that insurance is a social good and that by sticking together we can better protect the community. By enabling our customers with the opportunity to donate their 2019 give back for making no claims we have put our community in the driving seat for positive change," explains Coya founder Andrew Shaw, who also sees it as Coya's duty to get involved. “We believe in supporting future generations in technology. This means making sure it is a diverse community that excludes no one because of a lack of access.”

On the matter of our environment, Andrew is also passionate: "Climate protection is an incredibly important issue for each and every one of us. To ensure a secure future for all of us, our children, and the generation to follow, we believe that its our business to take the environment into account. The issue of sustainability is firmly anchored in everything we do, we try to act consciously and think sustainably. From paperless policies to business travel, office management and our investment strategy."

Picture: Unsplash / Coya | Video: ReDi School, Birgit Köbl
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