Thanks for being part of #CoyaBikeWeek

UN declared June 3 as World Bicycle Day and Coya created #CoyaBikeWeek. Thank you for helping to share and celebrate our love of bicycles.
Paige McKinnon

Bikes are awesome! 

Having a bicycle can change a person’s life. A bicycle can offer independence and freedom. For some people who may not otherwise have the same employment or education opportunities, a bicycle opens new doors. It can also bring a community together. With your bike, you can visit friends, help family members run errands, or take children to play.

Biking is good for the environment. As our partners at Plan A helped to illustrate, biking is carbon neutral. Plus, it helps us to reduce the air pollution that is responsible for 9% of deaths globally.

Besides helping take care of the planet, cycling helps take care of the rider. Biking, whether it’s your mode of transportation to school, part of your job, or a leisure sports activity, is excellent for one’s physical health. According to the WHO, biking reduces the chance of heart disease, stroke, obesity, diabetes, and some cancers. And, of course, biking is excellent for your mental health!

For all these reasons (and more), it’s no wonder why the UN declared June 3 as World Bicycle Day. And why Coya created #CoyaBikeWeek from 3 to 10 June. Thank you for helping to share and celebrate our collective love for bicycles. 

During #CoyaBikeWeek, you met Coyans Jens and Nigel, and took a bike ride with Iñigo. Plan A helped us recognize how easily (and accidentally) we can be sustainable. We broke down what made a city “bike-friendly” and compared our home to others in the Coya Bike City Index.

You helped #CoyaBikeWeek take over Berlin.

"Coya Saves Your Ass" saddle-cover handouts on World Bike Day
"Coya Saves Your Ass" saddle-cover handouts, World Bike Day

Passerybys at Hobrechtbrücke in Berlin-Kreuzberg on 3 June got a free “Coya Saves Your Ass” saddle-cover. It’s the perfect protection for your bike on those rainy days all year long.

#CoyaBikeWeek Scavenger Hunt in Berlin
#CoyaBikeWeek Scavenger Hunt, Berlin

Dozens come out on 6 June to hunt for tex-lock locks and win a € 120 voucher for our best-rated bicycle lock. The competition was fierce. Not everyone cycled away a winner, but we hope that everyone had fun exploring Berlin and meeting new people.

Thank you for being part of our biking and Coya community for this special week - and all year round! 

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