#CoyaDogMonth – A Pawfect 30 days

Dogs are a fundamental part of Coya. So it’s no wonder why we wanted to celebrate them for a full month.
Paige McKinnon

Just as much as innovation, trust-worthy insurance, and modern Berlin living are in Coya's DNA, so are dogs! The furry companions of our team - and of our community - can not be separated from all we do or who we strive to be.

So on International Dog Day and for four weeks, we celebrated the cutest part of Coya. And you helped!

You joined Coya's Dog Club!

We know that getting a dog isn't all cuddles and wagging tails. The decision to bring a new family member into your home is not to be taken lightly. You may have many questions about the type of dog that best fits your lifestyle. Or how to ensure that your pup is happy with you. The questions don't end once you've picked the perfect pooch. How do you register your dog? What information do you need to keep your dog healthy? 

Because you ask these questions (and more), Coya's Dog Club was created to have the answers. It is full of resources for all canine owners and lovers. As Coyan Alex, one of the architects behind the club, explained:

"We do not want to be an insurer that customers only hear from when they take out insurance and in the event of damage. We also want to support our customers in everyday challenges, such as the decision to buy a dog."

Visit Coya's Dog Club today and find support. Or recommend new resources that will help you and your dog live your best life.

You said “treat” for the #DogsOfCoya Challenge

The dogs who "work" at Coya are all shapes, sizes, and personalities. But they have one thing in common - they are very friendly! That’s why Joey, Baya, Tessa, Alfi, Lasse, Freddy, and Brutus went looking for some new friends to join the #DogsOfCoya Street Gang. And your dogs answered the call.


Thank you to the dogs who submitted their photos and to the hoomans who voted for the favorites. While there were only eight "winners", we all feel like we all won by getting to know the dogs of our community.

You created the Safest Dog Walk in Berlin

On Sunday, 20 September, dogs across Berlin brought their owners together for fun - and safety. Dogs walked from the Coya office to Volkspark Hasenheide dog park to create the safest dog walk in Berlin.

Trainer Lisa Skourtou provided instructions on how to guide your dog through busy streets and shared tips on the best dog-park experience for your pup.

Volkspark Hasenheide Dog Park

You got insured!

You love your dog and the cute little things that he does. But when he chews on your friend’s new designer shoes or bites another dog while playing, those little things aren’t so cute. And they can be expensive! With Dog Liability Insurance, you're covered in case your pup accidentally hurts someone, causes damage to someone’s stuff, or costs someone financially.

Coya now protects nearly 1400 dogs of all breeds and their owners. Join this community! You can still take advantage of the maximum discount and protect yourself and your dog. Click here to save €15 on your Dog Liability Insurance.

Coya is passionate about all dogs (and pets). We are so glad to have been able to share that passion with you during #CoyaDogMonth. Thank you!

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