Damage report made – what happens now?

A look behind the scenes at the Coya claims department
Paige McKinnon

Oh no! Something happened and you now need to report some damage to Coya, your protection partner. You compile all the information and photos...and then what? What actually happens after you’ve reported damage? How long does it take to process a claim? And what does the timeframe depend on? Take a peek behind the scenes at the Coya claims department and get answers to your most pressing questions.

Setting the scene

Felix finishes work for the day; he heads out from the office and towards his bike (his preferred green mode of transportation). But his bike is no longer where he parked it that morning. It’s been stolen! Frustrated, annoyed, and sad, Felix reports the thief to his insurance company. Good news - he has Coya Bike Theft Insurance protection!

Felix has taken the right first step. But what happens now? When can he expect to hear back from a Coya agent? How does the insurance company decide if the damage is covered? When will he be back on the road, biking around town?

Meet Quipu

Felix begins by reporting the damage to Coya, his protection partner. With Coya, it is quick and easy to submit a claim - with assistance from the helpful claim bot, Quipu

From his mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or work desktop, Felix’s first stop is his Coya account. He logs into his Coya account at coya.com and clicks on Claims from the top navigation bar. There, he meets Quipu.

The Coya claims bot will patiently listen to exactly what happened to Felix and his bike while asking questions to get all the necessary details. For each type of claim and/or damage, you might need to provide different information. However, you can expect to be asked:

  • What happened exactly?
  • When did the damage occur (time and date)?
  • What is the cost of the damage?
  • Did it involve another person or animal?
  • Can you provide documents (receipts, invoices, pictures, police reports)? More on this to come.

Once Felix has answered all of Quipu’s questions, the claim has been submitted and will be taken up by the Coya claims department as quickly as possible. Each claim is received and responded to in the order that it was received, making sure that everyone is treated fairly and equally. If Felix had an emergency (like being locked out of his apartment), he can call the emergency hotline number for immediate attention.

Gather the documents

Felix has told Quipu all about how he locked up his bike that morning only to find it gone that evening. The information that they have collected is very important and helpful. But the Coya team needs more details to successfully get him back on his two-wheels again. Documentation about the bike and the thief is next.

Felix will look through his records and photos to gather:

  1. An invoice or receipt of purchase for the stolen bike and/or parts. This proves that Felix owned the bike. Plus, it helps determine what the bike will be worth if it was bought new today.
  2. A copy of the police report that he files with the local station. The policy report is a basic requirement for theft cases that are reported to any insurance company. This confirms that the theft actually occurred.
  3. If Felix’s bike had been vandalised instead of stolen, photos of the damages to the bike will help us understand the extent of the damage.
  4. Similarly, old photos of the bike to show it before it was damaged or stolen would be required to show the condition of the bicycle.

Felix is standing next to an empty bike rack, feeling angry and frustrated - although less stressed having now talked through the situation with Quipu. He doesn’t have all these documents and images immediately on hand. The Coya team understands that. Once Felix has gone to the police station and reviewed his financial records, he can submit the missing documents by responding to the claims confirmation email that is sent following the initial conversation with Quipu.

Filter out fraud

Upon receiving the information from Felix and Quipu, Coya’s artificial intelligence is immediately going to ask three basic questions:

  1. What is the damage reported?
  2. Is it an insured case?
  3. If so, what is the payment for the claim?

Additionally, it will confirm that Felix is actually a Coya customer, has a Bike Theft Insurance policy, and that his contract is up to date. Don’t worry; this all happens quickly and in parallel with Quipu’s help and the human side of the claims department. At Coya, we try to pay out legitimate claims as quickly as possible but we need to make sure that we're protecting our community from fraudulent claims.

Is everything clear?

Felix has just gone through something traumatic and emotional. This is his first time submitting a claim with Coya. So it is no wonder that he is a bit anxious about what information or documents are needed to help his protection team take immediate action. 

Quipu is very helpful in eliminating stress, but it is a bot...so what if there is something missing? Or did Felix provide too much information?

Many people feel like Felix when reaching out to their insurance company. The Coya claims team may request additional information after the damage report and documents are provided. But don’t worry; our request for more details isn’t a bad thing. We are not here to annoy or pester you. And we aren’t trying to drag our heels and prevent you from receiving your true settlement. In fact, it helps us make the best decision and take the right action.

Timing is everything

Felix is breathing a bit easier after the initial shock of finding his bike gone. Felix has found all the documents required and shared them with the Coya protection team. Quipu has listened to every detail and gathered a lot of information immediately. Now, when will Felix hear back from Coya and get the money to replace his bike?

Gathering all the available information in order to substantiate the facts beyond any doubt can take time. Plus, it can take some additional back-and-forth correspondence that also adds to the time before the claim is resolved. 

How much time is needed for all this will depend on each case, when the necessary documents are provided, and if there are any outstanding questions from the claims team. In serious cases, Coya may also send an expert to take pictures on site and document the damage independently.

In principle, the more information provided when the damage is first reported, the faster Coya can process the case.

Hearing back from the Coya representative can take several weeks. Our goal is to be 100% transparent about our timeline throughout the process so that there are no worries or concerns if Felix doesn’t hear back from someone immediately.

Show Felix the money

Once all the information and documents are available, Coya’s final assessment is made. Will Felix’s claim be paid or rejected? 

Because Felix provided true information, proved that the bike was stolen, and had the proper coverage for bike theft, there is nothing standing in his way to receive a payout from his claim. False information, discrepancies relating to the cause of the damage, or attempted fraud may lead to a claim’s rejection.

But Felix’s story has a happy ending! Felix can look forward to a payout because the information and documents provided prove beyond any doubt that his secured bike was stolen. €650 (= the cost of a new bike) is transferred to Felix's account!

And while Felix goes out to buy a new bike, Quipu and the human Coya claims team are already working on the next case ...

Looking for more information or for help submitting a claim? View the FAQs in the Coya help section, email hello@coya.com, or call +49 30 588 49400. Live more. If you have a claim to submit, we’ve got you!

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