Dog Liability reloaded: Now all dogs are welcome!

We have adjusted our dog liability based on your feedback. Get a peek behind the scenes and read more about what exactly led to this change.

Does releasing a product mean the point of no return? Not at all! We have adjusted our dog liability based on your feedback. Get a peek behind the scenes and read more about what exactly led to this change.

Our dog liability insurance has been online since October. We received a lot of positive feedback, but also some e-mails asking - rightly - why we would not insure all dogs. When we first launched dog liability insurance, such dogs as Bulldogs, Pitbulls, American Staffordshire and all mixes of these breeds (and others) were excluded.

We take your questions and your comments, as well as your criticism seriously; we stand - as a company as well as a brand - for inclusion. That's why we sat down together and thought about what we should do. After all, only a handful of insurers in Germany insure so-called “list” dogs. But we don't like that label! After all, the Coya team includes nine dogs that enrich our everyday work. Among them is Tessa, a mixed breed who we would not have been able to insure with the restrictions. We set the same standards for our dog liability insurance as for all other products, so we asked ourselves, based on your feedback: Is the product as flexible and up-to-date as we promise it? The answer was: yes but there is still room for improvement.

Tessa in Tiergarten-01

We don't want to exclude anybody - neither dogs nor people.

The thing is that there is a financial reason why most insurers don’t include certain breeds of dogs: statistically, the risk of damage is simply greater. And even if this figure is only a statistical average, which many of your dogs are certainly not subject to, it is not easy for us to ignore. So we had to think hard and consider how we could insure all dogs, while at the same time not raising the price for everyone.

Long story short: We revised our latest product because we don't want to exclude dogs or their owners from Coya. It just doesn't fit in with our values and our view of a modern world. And sometimes you have to swim against the tide and take a black eye to get things moving. We are constantly trying to turn the eternal “no's” of the old insurance world into a clear “yes”. On the way, we sometimes have to make a detour as we did initially  with the admission of all dog breeds. This thought has been bothering us for quite some time.

Now the time has come: All dogs are welcome at Coya - mixed breeds, pure-bred, small, large, fat, thin and – above all – all four-legged friends that we have not insured before. Need insurance for your doggie? Get your dog liability insurance now!

Header Image: unsplash | Image within post: Coya AG
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