Donating to Tierschultz Berlin

Dogs give us so much, we wanted to give back. That is why Coya made a donation to Tierschultz Berlin.
Paige McKinnon

We love dogs at Coya. They keep us company during the day as important members of the office. They inspire the protection we offer including our Dog Liability and Pet Health Insurance. They even have their own Instagram channel

Dogs give us so much, we wanted to give back. That is why Coya made a donation to Tierschultz Berlin.

Giving Back during #DogsOfCoya Challenge

The donation was a part of the #DogsOfCoya Month. We asked you, our community, to show us the dogs that you love and win some awesome prizes. And for each #DogsofCoya Photo Challenge entry, Coya donated €2 - €1 for the human and €1 for the dog! We are proud to have donated €3,000 to help more dogs (and pets) find loving and safe homes.

Who is Tierschultz Berlin?

Tierschultz Berlin ranks among the largest animal protection organizations in Germany. In addition, the non-profit association operates the Tierheim Berlin. Here daily approximately 1,300 animals are cared for - from the small puppy and the elderly cat to the ill rabbit and the lonely parrot. Europe's largest animal shelter cares for the homeless animals in the capital 365 days a year. The work is financed almost exclusively by donations and membership fees but the donation from Coya continues to help with the daily supply of the many Shelter protégés.

Why an animal shelter?

Animal shelters like Tierschultz Berlin give pets a second chance at life and love. That is the case with my own #DogOfCoya, Tessa.

Tessa’s prior life is a bit unknown. We know that she had several litters of puppies and didn’t receive medical attention when she broke her front leg. She came to the shelter after being seized from her prior owners. Since bringing her into our home, we’ve been on a journey together. She was scared of EVERYTHING, suffered from separation anxiety, and had unchecked medical issues. But with time, today she is a sweet, silly, loving, and world-traveling dog that makes friends everywhere she goes.

Thank you!

Thank you, Tierschultz Berlin, for the work that you do to support and love dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, snakes, turtles, and birds - and to find them permanent homes. 

Coya insures all pups with our Dog Liability Insurance, including dogs whose breeding and history might be a mystery. Dog Liability has you both covered in case your pup causes someone injury or damages their stuff. Plus, Coya covers 80% of the costs for your dog’s (and cat’s) unexpected, necessary surgical interventions with Pet Health Insurance.

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