Language for all: A gender star in the Coya universe

From now on the gender star* will enrich our communication! With this change, we hope that no one will feel excluded.

It is the year 2020, the year of the rat, and a leap-year. And – at Coya – it's a year for the fine-tuning. After launching four products between autumn 2018 and December 2019, we want to take the time to focus on our brand identity in 2020. The past decisions about who Coya is are important. But, at the same time, they do not need to be static. So from time-to-time, we check the status quo and see whether it still supports our ultimate goal: we want to be an agile, flexible, and cosmopolitan insurance partner. And we want to be perceived as such. We believe that, so far, we have managed to explain complex insurance topics in a simple way and reduce them to the essentials. We are also convinced that we are talking with our community at eye level. This is very important to us.

"When reading a text that includes gender neutral language I feel included automatically and am also more willing to pay attention to what's being said." (Lucia, Legal Counsel)

However, when communicating Coya's message, we can improve the language we use. This means looking at when we use gender-sensitive language. After two years of implementing functional and flexible insurance policies, our community is diverse. It can't only be our insurance that fits these unique individuals. Now we must consider and include everyone in our language. Therefore, dear customers, readers, policyholders, and Coya lovers, we have put our heads together. Or rather we have put our words together - with asterisks. From now on the gender star* will enrich our communication! With this change, we hope that no one will feel excluded.

"Language is a very important topic and never has to be static. With this step forward we positively breaking away from the narrative of the old industry." (Anja, Legal Counsel)

We know that this little star changes the flow of writing and reading. And we know that advocating for inclusive language is not the responsibility of the insurance industry. But this is exactly why the change is important to us. We do not want to be just another insurer; we aim to redefine insurance. Not only does Coya focus on digitalization, flexibility, and climate protection. We will not create any linguistic gaps. For some, this is "only" language; it is only words. But for us, it is the most direct, honest, and transparent way to communicate with you. 

"I am really into diversity matters, support this inclusive approach and would love to put even more emphasis on this topic in the future." (Melina, HR)

* Plenty of words of the German language have a male and female version. For all of history – basically – publications, books, and advertisements mainly focussed on the male infinitive. Luckily, times have changed. Thanks to the work (and pressure) of feminist and pro-diversity movements, all genders are more inclusive in today's communications. The so-called “gender star” (asterix) is one version to implement it into writing. The gender star functions as a bridge between the genders.

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