Hassle-free German Bureaucracy: Our first Expat-Meetup

On February 5th we held our first Expats Meetup on "finding an apartment". It was awesome, we are already looking forward to the next one!

On February 5th, Coya opened up our doors for the first Expat-Meetup. And we must admit, we were a bit nervous in advance. We put a lot of heart and soul into our expat website and resources. As a team from over 20 nations, we are passionate about helping our growing community. Expats at Coya have learned how to settle in Germany. With direct feedback from our team, we are passing that knowledge forward. It was obvious that we should host a Meetup! Our first topic seemed just as obvious. Housing is a sensitive issue, especially in big cities, where apartments are scarce, prices are rising, and the paperwork required can feel overwhelming for people who have recently moved to Germany. We wanted to answer pressing questions and demystify the moving process for expats.

How and where do I look for an apartment? Which documents do I need? How do I register my new address? And – honestly – do I really need to write a love letter to my future landlord? (spoiler alert: it definitely helps!)

Although we knew how much light we could shed into the dark, we didn't know if anyone would take time on a Wednesday evening to join us. After all, it was our first event of what we hope will be many events in Berlin. Spoiler Alert: We weren't disappointed! Our meetup room quickly filled with over 15 people who not only enjoying beer and snacks, but also wanted answers. And had them. Our experts and those who joined us in person and online represented many industries, countries, and experiences. (Plus, we had some of the Coya dogs join too for their perspective!) We loved how quickly everyone started talking together, exchanging questions, and offering mutual support. It was amazing to see how quickly strangers can become one when they have to face the same challenges. This group became a new community that wanted to call Berlin home and start a new adventure - with the right equipment and knowledge to support them. 

Are you an expat? Find more helpful content around life in Germany in our website's new section: Expats in Germany

We - as Coya - have learned at least as much from our first Meetup as we hope our participants did. And next time, we know which aspects we want to illuminate more and which less. So stay tuned for our next Meetup activities in Berlin and online.

Screenshot via meetup.com

Thank you to everyone who was there. We look forward to the next Meetup of the series "Navigating German bureaucracy”.

Header image and images used in the text: © Coya AG / Unsplash
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