Happy Holidays to Our Planet

How can you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years’, and this special time of year in an eco-friendly way? We’ve got some ideas!
Paige McKinnon

The holiday season may be jolly - but it’s not always very green. But there are plenty of ways to celebrate this special time of year while also celebrating the earth. It just takes a bit of creativity, thoughtfulness, and planning.

Coyans have shared a few ways that they are making their holidays greener in 2020. How will you?

Up-Gifting and Recycling with Lucia

Instead of heading to the shops (or online) to buy new gifts, get creative with what you have on hand! With a little love and a fresh look (and maybe a bit of help from Pinterest), items around your house can be repurposed as gifts or for wrapping gifts. When you reuse items in your home, you are helping to reduce the energy and water it would take to produce new items. Plus, you reduce the waste in our landfills. It’s a win-win! 

Lucia, Coya’s Senior Legal Counsel, has a new purpose for the toilet paper craze of 2020 as well as fun activities to do with her kids.

"These are little boxes made out of toilet paper rolls that we are giving to our family. We will put little homemade cookies, handmade soaps, and little candles inside the boxes. The candles are extra special; you can only read the secret message once the wax melted."

WunderTree with Carmen

Make your home a winter wonderland! That, of course, includes a magnificent Christmas tree. But how can you have a Christmas tree without negatively impacting our planet? Companies like WunderTree can help. Delivered with zero emissions, WunderTrees are brought right to your homes, and then picked up after the holidays to be planted in the forest. They produce 100% less CO2 emissions than normal Christmas Trees that get burnt. The WunderTrees planted this year alone have the potential impact of eliminating carbon emissions of 111,000 cut down Christmas trees. More info about WunderTree here.

Carmen, Coya's Office Manager, and Green Team Leader, purchased a WunderTree for the office and her home.

Non-Gift Gifts with Paige

It’s the season of giving and receiving. But you don’t always have to give material items. Instead of physical gifts, consider making a donation to your favorite charity, or a nonprofit organization that is important to the recipient. Or give something just as valuable as your money - your time! Make a promise to spend more time, or take part in an activity, with your gift-recipient. The consideration behind these gifts can be more meaningful than the latest technology toy or fashion accessories. They also remove the demand (and environmental impact) of producing these items.

Email Manager and Blogger, Paige (me!), likes to make this season all about giving...back.

"There are many people, pets, and environmental causes that are in need of our support to continue the important work that they do each day. My family and friends can feel good as they unwrap a handmade card letting them know that a donation was made in their name."

Little Actions for a Big Change with Julia

It can feel hard or overwhelming to commit to going green. This is especially true during the holidays when there are many not-so-eco-friendly traditions that are important to keep. Or family and friends to try to see that might require travel. But little actions and steps can add up to make a big difference. You don’t have to overhaul your holidays completely.

Coya Design and all-together beautification Manager, Julia, shares how she makes conscious decisions to be more environmentally friendly over Christmas:

"For my family, I refurbish electronics as gifts. If I do buy anything new, I only buy from fair, sustainable, recycling brands like Aesop (vegan & using glas bottles), Patagonia, Wemoto, Got Bag (Packs from Ocean Plastic), and I+M Berlin. My husband and I are vegetarian and make vegan dishes (with the help of Influencer Angie). If my family adds meat to their meals, we only buy from local farmers."

Coyans consider how our actions impact the planet all year round. You can be part of our work to protect the planet too! Follow Coya on Instagram to learn more about how Coya lives sustainability.

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