Helping You Meet Your 2021 Resolutions

Coya has you covered for all the goals that you set - and if something happens on the journey towards your goals.
Paige McKinnon

We’re celebrating a brand New Year - and a new beginning. It’s the time of year where we also set new goals to help make this year the best yet! Coya is here to help you achieve those goals….or to help if something goes wrong along the way.

Get In Shape

It’s the typical New Year’s Resolution: to drop a few kgs or feel stronger. We can’t promise to join (or do to the gym) but there are other ways to add more fitness to your 2021.

Biking is a great way to stay in shape! But nothing can get your cycling workout off to a bad start than finding your bike (or bike parts) stolen. Add Bike Theft protection to your Home Contents Insurance or get a Bike Theft Insurance to protect your new bicycle.

Private Liability Insurance will have your back during a workout too. Just in case you drop a weight on your workout buddy’s toe or break their new smart-fitness-tracker.

Get and Stay Organized

We’ve been spending a lot of time in our homes, so start the New Year by making it a place where we can find what we need.

As your digital insurance provider, all the important documents and coverage details are located in one user-friendly place - your Coya Dashboard. At your most stressful moments, you don’t have to search through the stack of papers around your home.

Add a Furry Member to the Family

What fun a new furry friend can bring to your 2021! But also great responsibility … and costs.

Coya Pet Health Insurance includes a one time (or yearly) Care Bonus. This helps to cover the cost of some regular vet-visits that new cats or dogs need. Plus, if something serious happens to your new pet, Coya helps with the cost of unexpected surgical intervention.

Don't forget about Dog Liability Insurance! We're here for all dog owners in case your new puppy or adopted mutt gets into trouble in his new home.

Be More Eco-Friendly

The planet is also celebrating the New Year. We can do our part to make 2021 healthier, safer, and greener for our environment.

Coya has no paperwork! Your insurance is completely digital which means that you are already going green.

We want to be transparent about the other ways that we are protecting the planet. Follow our journey (and get some tips) at

Save (and Earn) Money

What might you be able to do in 2021 with a few extra Euros in your pocket?

Coya is affordable insurance that can save you big if you accidentally hurt someone, your e-bike is vandalized, or a pipe bursts in your home.

We can even help you earn some extra money! With Coya’s Referral Program, you can earn a €30 bonus for the friends and family members who create their first policy using your referral code. Read how easy it is!

Reduce Stress

No yoga or medication required. Although we are big fans!

With Coya, you don’t have to stress out if you lose your keys, spill wine on your friend’s carpet, or if your pet requires emergency surgery. We’ve got you covered in 2021 so you can live more.

Give Back, Help Others

Achieving our own resolutions is rewarding. But helping others achieve theirs is even better.

Coya No Claim Bonus lets you give back to important causes if you did not file a claim in the last year. Read how we supported two charity organizations in 2020 and stay tuned for more about this year’s No Claim Bonus donations.

We hope that you enjoy the season of reflecting on last year - and making your plans for the future. We look forward to helping you achieve all your 2021 goals.

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