Isolate & Chill: The Netflix tips of the Coya Team

We have collected our Coya Netflix tips to enjoy during those plenty of evenings at home. Together we'll get through this!

In the evening, after we do some yoga, rearrange the cupboards, walk the dog, cook dinner (for the kids and ourselves), made 25 zoom calls, went around the block for some air, complete a lesson on Duolingo, and, finally, tend to the plants on the balcony, we throw ourselves on the sofa. It's time to put up our feet and turn on the TV, beamer, or laptop. Every evening. This is a new route for many of us. Before Corona - which now feels like a year ago - we went to the cinema, the theatre, or dinner with friends in the evening. There's a term for the fear of missing something or some event. FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out. But now, we don't have to fear. Nobody is missing out while we're all sitting at home. Netflix and other streaming portals are our sources of entertainment. And you can pause, refill the popcorn, and miss absolutely nothing.

What was a nice pastime two months ago is now one of our few leisure activities: Netflix. The best-known streaming platform has even made it into what we know today - Netflix & Chill. What exactly "chill" means, let's leave out for now. In September 2019, the company announced that around 158 million people worldwide had subscribed to its services, including 47 million people from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Are you one?

The Coya team is always talking - even if we can't see each other in person. And when we're not chatting about day-to-day business, sharing news on Zoom, and sending Slack photos of our creative home office, we're debating which Netflix series (or movie) to watch. In Corona times, this discussion is almost systemically relevant. We don't want to withhold our recommendations for the time at home. So, just for you, here are our current must-sees:

Tiger King (Documentary)

The Platform (Horror)

The Crown (Drama)

Ozark (Thriller/Crime)

Dark (dt. Sci-Fi, Thriller)

Bad Banks (dt. Drama)

Unorthodox (Drama)

Our Planet (Documentary)

The End of the f***ing world (Dramedy)

After Life (Dramedy)

Header image: Coya AG © / Unsplash
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