Life's A Pitch: Supporting ReDI School with project pitching

Supporting one of our partners, ReDI School to better pitch their projects!
Karim Beltaji

One of the key cornerstones of insurance is reciprocity. Giving back to those in our community who are most in need of support. I had the chance to coach the students of ReDI School on their pitching skills. ReDI School is one of our proudest partners at Coya for all the great work they are doing to teach digital skills to locals and newcomers in Germany. Our customers have also supported ReDI School with a community donation a few months back.

ReDI School run a variety of different programs, all around the topic of digital education, ranging from youth, women, IoT, and digital careers. The IoT Program was due to start in March 2020, adding an extra layer of complexity since the offline program had to be converted fully remote in a very short time!

The Coaching

The IoT program teams were working on concepts around the topics of either climate change or solutions to help manage the COVID-19 pandemic. Although they had already researched and prototyped solutions, they needed support to build a storyline and pitch for their projects. The teams would pitch at a hackathon and the winner would pitch at the ReDI School demo day to a panel of judges, investors, and partners.

Here is the full pitch presentation that were used to coach the teams

Image of Redi School presentation

The Pitches

The Winner: Heart Health Checkup Box

Not only does the Heart Health Checkup Box attempt to tackle one of the world's biggest problems, but also the project and pitch were very well structured, the business case compelling, and the technology approach plausible and innovative. Very well done, Monica; we wish you all the best to develop your project into a running business in the future!

Notable Pitches

Other than the winning pitch, many great ideas were developed by the ReDI School teams over the short weeks of their program:

  • IoT water sensors for agriculture in the Middle East: democratising access to water sensors for farmers in the middle east to better manage water supplies and reduce costs
  • Using sensors for mask checks in stores: replacing the human effort of checking for masks at the shops door with an infra red sensor reducing costs for businesses
  • Mask quality checker app: using computer vision and machine learning to identify different masks and check their quality for individuals and health care workers.

Thank you ReDI School!

I personally really enjoyed working with ReDI School and their talented students. We at Coya are always looking for opportunities to support and develop our local and digital communities. We look forward to working together on other topics in the future.

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