#SaferTogether: Coyans donate their No Claims Bonus

For having no claims in a calendar year, Coyans pay their good luck forward by donating their No Claims Bonus.
Paige McKinnon

Insurance is a community protecting one another. We pull together to help people when they are in need. We rely on our community to help if we accidentally hurt someone, if our bike is stolen, or if our dog gets sick. Even though we don’t know each other and may never all meet, we are a Coya family.

But the Coya insurance family is more than protecting our own community of customers. We also believe in protecting our greater community and our planet.

You are a big part of the community that protects people, pets, and the planet. Andrew Shaw, Coya CEO and founder, explains:

Coya is on a mission to change insurance for good and we can't do it alone. We took the first step of integrating a claims giveback for good into our insurance products. But it is our community of insured Coyans who are making the true impact by donating their No Claims Bonus.

Customers who did not submit a claim in a calendar year are eligible to receive a bonus. The No Claims Bonus is 5% of their premiums from the last year! While that bonus can go back to the customers (they earned it), most Coyans want to be part of the greater community. They donated their bonus to one of two charity organisations.

Over 22,000 Coyans selected to give back their No Claims Bonus, helping us to donate €4,032 to Plant-for-the-Planet and €37,092 to ReDI School of Digital Integration.


Starting as a class project in 2007, Plant-for-the-Planet has grown into an international organisation of 88,000 young people from 74 countries. But the mission has remained focused: to plant a trillion trees and spread awareness on climate justice. Plant-for-the-Planet believes that trees are one of the most powerful tools against the climate crisis. Children and youth people are empowered to become ambassadors for sustainability. 

Learn more or support Planet-for-the-Planet online.

ReDI School of Digital Integration

ReDI School of Digital Integration understands that technology can break down barriers and create the leaders of tomorrow. That’s why, since 2016, they have taught locals and newcomers to Germany. The free courses provide valuable digital skills to people who might not have had access to this education. With a strong network of tech leaders, students, and alumni REDi School creates new opportunities so that their community can integrate into the work environment and society.  

Learn more or support ReDI School of Digital Integration online.

Coya staff and customers have donated over €64,000 to Plant-for-the-Planet, ReDI School, Tierschultz Berlin, and other organisations that help protect each other, our pets, and our planet. Thank you to every Coyans who gives back to the community in any way. You are truly amazing!

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