Stiftung Warentest Reviews Coya Insurance

Stiftung Warentest tested Home Contents Insurance. We are honored to be ranked second out of 157 tariffs.
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Stiftung Warentest helps consumers make informed decisions on many purchases - from what TV to buy to what shampoo to use. Through their impartial investigations, Stiftung Warentest provides objective information, reviews, and ratings. 

In the July 2020 issue, Stiftung Warentest turned their attention to Home Contents Insurance. And Coya is thrilled to receive their positive review!

The Test

To compare Home Contents Insurance, Finanztest examined 157 different policies from 61 insurers. Each tariff included standard coverage, including protection from fire, lightning, explosion/implosion, burglary/vandalism, robbery, tap water, and storm or hail, where the customer does not pay a deductible. The test only shows tariffs where there is no reduction if a customer causes damage through gross negligence.

The 157 policies were compared for a 40-year-old employed customer. He lives in a 100 square meter apartment on the second floor of a six-unit apartment building.

The prices were tested for two cities:

  • Munich (postal code 80333) represented a low priced location with a low risk of burglary
  • Frankfurt am Main (postal code 60596) represented an expensive location with a high risk of burglary.

The Outcome: "More protection for less money."

After reviewing coverage and price, Coya’s Basic Home Contents Insurance ranked second out of 157 tariffs for the customer in Frankfurt am Main. Finanztest confirmed that Coya lives up to the title “more protection for less money.”

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What Does This Mean For Me?

If you have Home Contents Insurance outside of Coya, Finanztest advises that you check the policy details. In many old contracts, the insurer may decrease payment in the event of damage due to gross negligence. People are recommended to cancel these contracts, buying new policies that exclude this provision.

Additionally, with more Home Contents Insurance providers available (like Coya!), individuals can find coverage that fits their lifestyle better. A review of your policy can help identify what you need. A basic Home Contents Insurance plan is often enough and can save 100s of euros.

Lengthy contracts and confusing terms can make it feel impossible to change insurance providers. Coya is here to help your make the switch. Complete the Change Services form to tell us about your current Home Contents Insurance policy. The team as Coya will create the necessary documentation and timeline to help you leave the other insurance provider.

With Coya, you can get your Home Contents Insurance today and start your coverage tomorrow - or at a future date if you are still currently insured elsewhere.

More Information

Read more about how the investigation was conducted and the breakdown of the data:

Thank you, Stiftung Warentest, for being an ally to customers who are looking for an honest assessment of products and services.

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