Take your Owner to Work Day

It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day, also known as every day at Coya! We have asked Chief Wooficer Joey what a usual day at work looks like.
Isabelle Beyer

A pawsome day in life of Chief Wooficer Joey

Here at Coya, we do not only have one office dog but seven! From small to big, from mix to purebred, every employees’ furry companion is more than welcome at our Berlin office. But what do our dogs do while their owners are busy with working on insurance products? What does a usual working day for our four-legged friends look like? To celebrate today's “Take Your Dog to Work Day,” we asked our Chief Wooficer Joey (Beagle, 5, food-motivated) exactly this question. And with a wagging tail he told us more about his everyday working life:

7am. Time to get up - finally! Joey’s morning routine looks as follows: chewing on a minty treat for excellent oral hygiene, 10 minutes of yoga, choosing the right harness depending on weather and mood, and finally, a long walk before starting into the day fully energized.

Beagle (Joey) wearing a tie for the Doggovisory Board Meeting
Joey wearing a tie for the Doggovisory Board Meeting

8am. Arrival at the paw-ffice, um, office. Joey circles the entire Coya HQ every morning to make sure not to miss any employee and potential treat. Some of the humans get a high-five, others a polite pawshake. Joey reveals, depending on the size of the treat, he may even show some more tricks.

10am. Often, his owner Karim is attending a meeting at that time. For the dogs, this means playtime with whoever is available. There might even be another treat in it for Joey if only he begs long enough. Time to show them these puppy eyes!

12pm. This is probably the most exciting part of the day: the humans get out their lunchboxes! Joey's motto in life and thus one of the most important values ​​in a company for him: food is always a top priority. Lunch break is when Joey is on the hunt and sniffs for anything edible. And with his impeccable sense of smell, he will find it, too. He is proud to be able to e.g. open heavy doors and unzip various kinds of backpacks to get to any kind of food. Joey clarifies: it's not stealing, it's sharing and that he has a very distinct community spirit.

1pm. After lunch, Joey mostly embarks on another walk to burn off some calories (“bark” being the operative word here!). People sometimes complain about him being a little too vocal when he meets another dog on the street. He simply calls this networking.

2pm. Joey is either attending an intriguing barkshop or has scheduled one of his 1:1’s to check in on his furry colleagues on a regular basis. Whether there is a mind-beagleing case of “I think my human didn’t buy enough treats for the rest of the week” or a missing toy that needs to be destroyed, Joey is prepared for any kind of scenario and loves to help out – especially with the treats, of course.

Beagle (Joey) taking an urgent business call
Joey taking an urgent business call

3pm. After all the hard work it’s time for a 1 to 3-hour nap. Sleep is Joey’s key beauty secret to shiny fur.

6pm. Work is done! Joey howls a friendly goodbye to everyone and sprints to the exit. His owner is always sooo slow to say goodbye to everyone. One day, Joey will train him to be quicker – my god, there is dinner waiting at home after all! After eating, he sends out a few Whatswoof messages to his paw pals and then goes to bed. Tomorrow is the start of another next exciting day at the Coya office and we need to be well-rested.

Thank you furry much for your input, Joey!

Joey in his evening attire
While usually dressed a little more low-key at the office, he likes to keep it chic and classy in his free time.

As you can see, Joey always has a splendid time at the office. Our employees love to have our canine friends around, too. They are just so much fun! And indeed, studies show that having dogs at work lowers stress and improves people’s mood, concentration, and productivity. Therefore, we are vouching for every workplace to have at least one dog at the office – for a start, it doesn’t need to be 7.

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