tex—lock discount with your new Coya Bike Theft Insurance!

Like french fries and ketchup, bikes and locks go together. So Coya Bike Theft Insurance is partnering with tex—lock!
Paige McKinnon

What’s one of the best ways to protect your new bike from theft? With an awesome lock, of course!

Thieves cannot be stopped by a lock alone. But the more time and effort it takes for a thief to break the lock, there is a greater chance that he will leave your bike alone. 

That’s why Coya is partnering with tex—lock to offer a discount on our highest ranked protection.

Partnering with the best - tex—lock!

Many bike lock companies claim to be the best at protecting bikes. But are these claims really true? We wanted to find out - and help you make the best decision in picking your own bike lock. Coya’s team tested 20 bike locks from different companies, made of different materials, and representing different price points. Our “thieves” tried to cut each lock; the faster and the fewest tools required for the break-in, the lower the score.

tex—lock eyelet was the best performing lock! After more than four minutes, using a carpet knife and a saw, our Coya thief gave up trying to break the eyelet lock. 

With their high performing locks to protect your new bike, Coya is excited to launch our new partnership with tex—lock!

Get your new bike protection - and lock discount

When you insure your new bike through Coya’s Bike Theft Insurance, you will automatically receive a 15% online discount to purchase a new tex—lock

Bike Theft Insurance Includes 15% tex-lock discount

Coya Bike Theft Insurance covers the bicycle and its original parts (like handlebars, saddles, lamps and luggage racks) against theft and vandalism. Your policy also covers the tex—lock; just make sure it was included with its original price (including VAT) in your contract. The discount (and amazing coverage) is also available for your eBike.

  1. Visit Coya.com to insure your new bike or eBike
  2. Enter your bike’s details including the amount you paid for the bike and lock, when you purchased your bike, and the frame number. In minutes, you can complete your customized policy.
  3. Review your insurance details….
  4. ...And your insured! Your bike theft insurance begins the next day.

Please note the conditions for redeeming the tex—lock discount code:

Valid for purchases made until 31.12.2020. Only valid for one purchase per person. The discount code applies to all products in the tex—lock online shop. The discount code is applied to the total amount of the order. The maximum discount amount is €150. A cash payment is not possible. If you have any questions please contact tex—lock's customer service under +49 341 550193 00 or support@tex-lock.com.

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