Ho ho holy Sh*t: three very human x-mas tales

Three people told us their biggest Christmas mishap. Spoiler Alert: Coya would take over the costs in all these private liability cases.

Little kisses under the mistletoe, long hugs from old friends, small talk in the living room, the pitter-patter of children's feet, an excited dog eyeing the holiday feast, a shining tree, eggnog, and twinkle-lights as far as the eye can see: the holidays are a time of reflection and of family spirit. After all, as the song goes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. But Christmas isn’t always as peaceful as the carols describe. For instance, after too much Glühwein you may unintentionally break something during a holiday party. We talked to three people who told us their biggest Christmas mishap. Spoiler alert: Coya would pay for all these cases.

"It was the first Christmas I was spending with my boyfriend's family. I was quite nervous because I didn't know his parents or his four siblings well. Plus, Christmas Eve was sacred and full of traditions for his family. In my family, Christmas was spent in jeans watched funny movies on TV and eating bockwursts. But with them: wow! A huge tree, fire in the fireplace, a big goose for dinner, crystal glasses - the full number. I was so nervous that I didn’t eat much that day; after two glasses of wine, I was struggling to balance in my pumps between all the nieces, nephews, and presents. And then what had to happen happened: Looking for support, I grabbed hold of a branch on the Christmas tree... which began to tip over. It crashed and landed with its tip in the fireplace! I screamed, the children screamed, and my boyfriend’s mother screamed! She quickly tried to extinguish the fir tree with the gravy she had just brought to the table. It was an absolute disaster that ended with a charred tree and scorch marks on the Persian carpet! But there’s a happy ending: After four years, we are still together. Although I don’t think his mother has really forgiven me yet."  (Anna, 31, Cologne)

"Oh boy, Christmas 2015. I was visiting my hometown during the semester break and I went to see a buddy after the big family dinner. His parents were having dessert with the neighbors - a tradition in the tenement house - so my friend and I had the house to ourselves. Two people quickly turned into ten and the atmosphere became silly very fast, although we had hardly drunk anything. I found a Twister game in his little sister's room; we hadn't played in years! Before we knew it, shoes were coming off: left foot on blue, right hand on red, we all jumped into the game. I don't want to reveal too many indecent details, but I can say that some people weren’t wearing tops anymore. Suddenly, in the middle of the game, my foot hit the giant flat-screen TV. It tilted backward and fell from the console! All I can say is that five minutes later, we all had to leave."  (Raoul, 27, Münster)

"It was December 24, exactly one year ago. After years of living in a shared flat, a few months before Christmas I moved into my own apartment. I wanted to organize my own Christmas dinner, inviting my parents, my sister, and her boyfriend. I spent the whole day cleaning everything until it shinned and unpacking the final boxes. The last box was full of my grandmother's memories and little heirlooms, including a beautiful wall mirror with a frame of crystal ornaments. Great for Christmas! I hung the mirror on the wall opposite the dining table so that my mother would admire it and be happy with family traditions continuing. Long story short: My sister's boyfriend brought some champagne so we could toast my new home and Christmas. When we opened it, the cork flew off like a rocket, bouncing off the mirror, which fell from the wall shattering into countless pieces. No one said a word and I started crying like a baby. My sister’s boyfriend felt so terrible that he couldn’t look me in the eye for three hours; he didn't even laugh when my father was imitating Loriot. Today, he and my sister are married. I gave a toast at the wedding sharing that while I do not trust him with mirrors, I do trust him with my sister."  (Leonie, 29, Heidelberg)

Do any of these stories sound familiar to you? You don't have to be a klutz to break things. And just because it’s Christmas, doesn't mean that something can’t go terribly wrong! We want you to enjoy all the merriment of the holidays without stress. Take a look at our insurances, especially – as these stories suggest - Coya's Private Liability Insurance. With just a few clicks and in just a few minutes, you are insured. Don't let holiday mishaps ruin the season or your relationship. 

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