Coya’s Bike Club – Enjoy the ride!

You are a passionate cyclist? Then we’ve got something in common! Learn all about bikes and how to protect them.

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The wheels on the bike go round and round

Whether you own a bicycle or an e-bike, we’ve got your back! Coya not only gives you the best insurance protection for your bike, but also a lot of tips & tricks to help you enjoy your ride. How do you best protect your bike against theft? What do you have to consider when buying a bike? Where are the most picturesque bike paths? Find out all that (and so much more) here!


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Coya’s Bike Insurance

It's not just any bike, it's your bike! That’s why we offer  protection in case of theft or robbery - worldwide. Get the Vollkasko add-on for even more protection (e.g. in case of vandalism or wear & tear).

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