Practical bike apps

What practical cycling apps should I know?

How far did I bike last week? And where are you going this weekend? These are the practical bike apps for all bike lovers!

Whether you want to make your commute into a little fitness program or test out a new downhill route every weekend - there are plenty of apps for cycling. In this article, we'll give you an overview and reveal which practical cycling apps we prefer!

Bicycle apps for navigation and route planning

Which new route do I try out at the weekend? And where do I go when I'm out of town? If you like to spend time on your bike, you don't always want to ride the same route. Sure, that would be boring. With these apps, you'll get to try some new paths and get to where you want to go:

  • Komoot
    Komoot is one of the most popular and well-known cycling apps. Here you can plan your own tour, for example for a road bike or mountain bike, and adjust it according to duration, your condition, altitude profile, and the nature of the route. At the same time, the app serves as a bicycle navigator via voice output, so you don't have to look at your smartphone.
    Price: One-time payment for unlimited Maps usage (between €3.99 and €29.99 depending on region) or Premium for €4.99 per month
    Available for: Android & iOS
  • Naviki
    With routes for everyday life, leisure, road bikes, or e-bikes, the free bike app Naviki lists thousands of routes for your next trip. Navigation via voice function is also available here.
    Price: Free
    Available for: Android & iOS
  • Bike Citizens
    Ideal for city dwellers, Bike Citizens' route planner navigates you in real-time through more than 450 cities in Europe, the U.S., and Australia. The app also gives you the choice between the fastest route or the leisurely bike path.
    Price: free, special cities chargeable
    Available for: Android & iOS
  • Bikemap
    Bikemap offers over 7 million routes in over 100 countries with matching offline maps. You also receive real-time notifications about road works, road closures, or other obstacles on your planned tour. 
    Price: free, paid premium variant
    Available for: Android & iOS
  • Map my Ride
    This bike app provides route planner and tracking all-in-one. You can find tours of the community and share your own routes. At the same time, your rides and your training status are tracked permanently.
    Price: free, paid premium variant
    Available for: Android & iOS

Practical apps for your bike fitness

Do you value the sporting aspect of cycling above all else? Or do you sometimes wish you had more motivation to get on your bike? Then you've come to the right place with these fitness apps for cycling:

  • Radbonus
    Radbonus will reward you for getting on the saddle. With the kilometres you cover, you collect bonus points and automatically take part in challenges. Once you have completed a challenge or collected enough points, small rewards and vouchers await you.
    Price: free
    Available for:  Android & iOS
  • Strava
    With Strava, you can record your routes and training successes and view the favourite tours of other cyclists. The app thrives on a large community that provides mutual motivation.
    Price: free, paid premium variant
    Available for:  Android & iOS
  • Zeopoxa
    A great app for athletic cyclists. You set individual training goals, Zeopoxa Cycling tracks pace, distance, and calories burned. It also helps you track and analyze your fitness level.
    Price: free
    Available for:  Android

Quick help in case of breakdowns and accidents

If something goes wrong on your tour, you need help fast. Fortunately, there are practical bike apps for this, too:

  • Bikerepair
    Flat tire or broken brake? Bikerepair shows you various tutorials so that you can fix small breakdowns so you can continue your tour. The tutorials are only available in English but are very clearly designed. Nice bonus: the app also provides other tips, like which clothing is the right choice at which temperature.
    Price: 3,49€ Android / 4,49€ iOS
    Available for: Android & iOS
  • Notfall-Hilfe-App
    If you have an accident yourself in the field or want to provide quick help in the event of an accident, you can use this app to dial the emergency call directly, send your exact position by email or SMS, and receive concrete instructions for first aid measures.
    Price: free, paid premium variant
    Available for: Android & iOS

Practical apps if you want to rent a bike or e-bike

It doesn't always have to be your own bike. After all, it's becoming increasingly popular to simply rent bikes. You can rent a bike for the long term, making it your own temporary bike. Or you can use the rental bikes available in many cities in Germany, if you're visiting friends, spontaneously need a cargo bike for a visit to the hardware store, or want to try out an e-bike. 

  • Nextbike
    Nextbike is represented in over 50 German cities, so you can easily and spontaneously rent a bike or - at some locations - even an e-bike. To do so, simply create an account in advance with your desired payment method. The basic rate is €1 per half hour, the monthly rate is €10 per month.
    Price: free
    Available for: Android & iOS
  • Call-a-Bike
    The service is available in most medium-sized and large German cities. In the app, you can see where bikes are available. Then, you can rent and ride them to another station. The basic subscription costs €3 a year, and €1 every half hour.
    Price: free
    Available for: Android & iOS

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