Coya's Dog Club

At Coya we love dogs and everything about them. If you’re here, you probably do too. And that's why we have set up this website - just for you.

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Tips for dog owners

Whether you’ve just rescued a dog from a shelter, bought one from a breeder, have been a dog owner for years, or you are still thinking of getting a little four-legged new flatmate, Coya’s Dog Club is the perfect place for you.

When you visit the Coya Dog Club, we hope to answer your dog-related questions and provide helpful resources. Plus, we hope to share something nice to read about your beautiful canine companions.

While dogs are intelligent and loving beings, dog ownership isn't all cuddles and puppy-eyes. Dogs were the first animal humans ever domesticated, and have won the title of "man's best friend." We have a responsibility to keep our pets healthy, safe, and happy. In Coya’s Dog Club, we want to make this happy job as easy as possible for you - and your pup. As they say - happy dog, happy life.

Everything worth knowing before buying a dog


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