Gitti and the Fire

The misadventures of Gitti, the unluckiest woman in Germany - an ode to love, loss and Hausratversicherung (Part 4)
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Gitti and Hermann

Coming home from their wedding

Eager at last

To get into their bedding.


But no, what was this?

Tonight of all nights!

The wailing of sirens

And blue flashing lights.


Fingers crossed

It wasn’t their place

But deep down she knew

This wasn’t the case.


Tears in their eyes

Smoke in their noses

As the firemen swung

Their lengthy hoses…


Crisis averted

The damage was small

Couldn’t they live

With no kitchen or hall?


“NEIN” said Hermann

“Ach Mensch, au weia,

Yet again,

We’ll have to call Coya.”


They dialled the number

Told their sad situation

Glad once again

Of his insurance fixation.


As this was their fourth claim

They’d send an adjuster

Just to make sure

Their claim passed muster.


The claim was checked

Declared to be valid

Just one more verse

In their luckless ballad.


They’d rent another flat

Their savings would be spared

They could both stay there

While the damage was repaired.


Their lives could resume

Get back to their old tricks

Go for nice long walks

With their Nordic walking sticks.


Thank god for insurance

Versicherung in German

Gitti thanked her lucky stars

That she still had her Hermann. 

She pictured their future

Their children’s laughter

Gitti and Hermann

Happy ever after...

Written by Linda O'Grady, co-author of From the Bürgeramt to the Bedroom

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