Gitti and the Storm

The misadventures of Gitti, the unluckiest woman in Germany - an ode to love, loss and Hausratversicherung (Part 3)

The big day was coming
With so much to do
What kind of cake?
Who’d sit beside who?

Now Hermann being German
He made an agenda
Went on and on
Fast ohne Ende.

Not so for Gitti
Her thoughts on romance
Would Hermann cry?
How about their first dance?

One thing she knew
The day would be stellar
Her beautiful dress
She hid in the cellar.

How could they know
Poor Gitti and Hermann
Life had other plans
In the shape of Storm Mermann.

The window frames rattled
As old Mermann wailed
Brought thunder and lightning
Downpours and hail.

The flat was unscathed
The cellar unlucky
The whole thing had flooded
Her dress torn and mucky.

Everything would be OK
Hermann reassured
Reminded her he’s German
So of course, they were insured.

They made a call to Coya
Told them of their trouble
Sent in receipts and photos
To fix this on the double.

Mermann had wreaked havoc
Damage everywhere
But Coya worked their hardest
To sort out this affair.

Their claim was quickly processed
The wedding back on track
Gitti glowed in white
Hermann rocked in black.

She gazed into his eyes
Her Hermann, straight and true
Pinched herself as she said
I do, I do, I do!

She could scarce believe it
As they walked through the sunshine
They had really done it
She was… Frau Hermannstein!

Later at the party
Drinking Sekt and lager
The guests they sang along
To all the greatest Schlager.

Gitti beamed at Hermann
He really was a looker
Hmm, she wondered idly
Did I turn off the cooker?

Written by Linda O'Grady, co-author of From the Bürgeramt to the Bedroom

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