Gitti and the Water Damage

The misadventures of Gitti, the unluckiest woman in Germany - an ode to love, loss and Hausratversicherung (Part 2)

Gitti was so happy
Her Hermann was amazing
He had just moved in with her
Her heart it was a-blazing.

Gitti and Hermann
Cohabitation glee
She separated garbage
And he sat down to pee.

Everything was rosy
They loved their little flat
She thought her luck was changing
‘Til Hermann said “What’s that?”

She looked where he was pointing
Almost dropped her drink
Something green and fluffy
There behind the sink.

They called their local plumber
Who soon confirmed the worst -
Green and fluffy everywhere
A water pipe had burst.

Everything would have to go
The walls, the sink, the floor
Fixing it would take at least
A month, or two, or more.

Life without a kitchen
Just could not be endured
But thanks to Hermann’s Germanness
Of course they were insured!

They took lots of photos
Got info from their plumber
Filled in the simple online form
Telling Coya of this bummer.

Alles war in Ordnung
Repairs they would be paid for
They’d get to stay in a hotel -
That’s what Hausrat’s made for.

They checked in, unpacked their stuff
And what did Gitti see?
Could it be, could it really be…
Hermann on one knee?

Three months later, back at home
Coya had saved their life
And Gitti knew, without a doubt,
She was born to be Hermann’s wife…

Written by Linda O'Grady, co-author of From the Bürgeramt to the Bedroom.

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