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Coya’s Expat Club

Have you just moved to Germany and are now trying to get through the bureaucratic jungle? Don’t give up! Coya’s Expat Club is there to help with its many useful articles.

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Coya’s Dog Club

We, at Coya, are real dog lovers. Check out Coya’s Dog Club if you feel the same way and if you want to learn everything you need to know about cute four-legged friends!

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Coya's Expat Club

How to find a good English speaking doctor in Berlin

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Coya's Expat Club

Do you know the public holidays in Germany for 2021?

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Two ballons. One has a smile
Coya's Expat Club

6 awkward - but true - German stereotypes

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Dog on Leasch
Coya's Dog Club

No more barking and howling – how your dog can enjoy car trips

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Dog playing
Coya's Dog Club

Why do some dogs go crazy when they see other dogs?

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Welpe mit Hundeblick
Coya's Dog Club

Are fruit and vegetables healthy for dogs?

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