Protecting people, pets & planet.

Making the world a greener place! Here at Coya we do our best to make the lives of our future generations as livable as our own. Join our journey to live more sustainably. It's now or never!

We commit to ...

… balancing our team with equality and sustainability awareness.

… creating a planet-friendly workplace.

… supporting our community to act more sustainable.

We plan to lead by example and commit to a sustainable investment strategy starting in 2021. To learn more, check out our sustainability report.

Small steps, big impact. Initiatives for a greener life.

Saving the planet
with Plan A

There is no plan B for our planet. That is why we collaborate with Plan A.

No Claims Bonus: From people for people.

With our No Claims Bonus, the Coya community donates to charitable causes - year in, year out.

We give a green light for Green Leave.

With 2 “Green leave”-days a year, Coyans can support environmentally friendly projects.

How we make our office a greener place.

Sustainable cleaning with
Klara Grün
Eco power from Entega
For internal birthdays or anniversaries: donating instead of gift giving.
For our Coyans: organic fruits & vegetables, vegan products
1 bin for 10 employees – recycling with a system
Tracking CO2 emissions of business trips with atmosfair

Together we are strong. Going green with ...

... because when it comes to our planet, we are all in it together.

Lies mehr darüber, wie Coya die Welt ein wenig besser macht

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