Pet Health Insurance

Whether dog or cat, we offer your four-legged companion good protection – just in case!

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Health insurance for your pet will cover you if you are confronted with veterinary costs. There is a difference between costs for surgical operations and other veterinary costs. Coya covers 80% of the costs for your pet's unexpected, necessary surgical interventions.

Have your vet costs reimbursed as well.

Treat yourself to the full protection. Better safe than sorry – especially when it comes to your pet.

Coverage of vet costs

We cover 80% of the costs for inpatient & outpatient treatment at the veterinarian, such as necessary diagnostics, allergy treatments, laser therapy, and so much more.

Don’t really fancy a deductible?

Free yourself from all costs and get 100% reimbursed.

0% deductible

Reduce the deductible from 20% to 0% for all your chosen options and save yourself from surprise costs so you can get the best care for your pet.

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Super friendly English speaking customer service, a rarity in Germany, and really good for expats who are still learning the language. Customer service was responsive throughout the whole period and made the processing, although a bit long, a very pleasant experience. Also probably the easiest insurance company I’ve ever had to deal with.

Christian (one of our happy customers via Google reviews)

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Loss and damage suck, we can't sugarcoat it. That's why we make it as easy as possible to claim so we can take the burden off you.

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Answers to burning questions

Do you insure all breeds?

That’s simple: Yes, we insure all breeds.


I have more than one pet. Can I include all my pets in one insurance?

One insurance policy covers one pet. Do you have more than one pet? Don’t! Whether cat or dog, simply purchase another separate insurance policy for your other fluffy companion via your Coya Dashboard!


What does GOT stand for? And what does it mean?

This German abbreviation stands for Gebührenordnung für Tierärzte (Fee Regulations for Veterinarians). These regulations determine which costs veterinarians are allowed to charge for a treatment of your beloved pet. Veterinarians can charge one to four times the fee, depending on the length and difficulty of the treatment.

To be on the safe side, Coya will pay up to 3 times the rate of the Fee Regulations for Veterinarians.


Is it really that easy to get coverage from Coya?

Yes, we are serious. We have founded Coya because we ourselves were fed up with complicated language, intransparent contracts and paperwork. You can really get covered with us in just a few minutes, view your documents online 24/7 and cancel at any time. Convince yourself!


Check out our terms & conditions

What is covered?

  • An insured event shall be deemed to be veterinary medically necessary treatment when illness or accident of the insured animal causes an impairment to its health.
  • Independent of veterinary necessity, the insurance benefits of the health lump sum are considered as an insured event.

Insured are for example

  • Treatments required by veterinary medicine,
  • Analgesic dental treatment including extraction,
  • Accommodation in a veterinary clinic or veterinary practice,
  • Medicines, bandages, remedies, and aids, up to the maximum rates applicable in each case as set forth in the German Veterinary Fees Ordinance (GOT).

Co-insured is a health lump sum for e.g.:

  • Chip Implementation/Tattooing;
  • Vaccinations;
  • Worming;
  • Flea and tick prevention;
  • Dental prophylaxis;
  • Castration or sterilization.

When and in what amount the health lump sum is paid depends on the selected tariff and results from the insurance policy.

The sums insured for your contract are listed in the insurance policy.


What is not covered?

Not insured are e.g. expenses for:

  • Treatments already started or advised before application of the contract,
  • Treatment or operation for congenital, hereditary, genetic, or developmental abnormalities,
  • Operations to produce the respective breeding or breed standard,
  • Treatment for other diseases including: Wobbler syndrome, Brachycephalic syndrome,
  • Congenital malformations such as: positional anomaly of the testis, dilatation of the esophagus, prolapse of the nictitating membrane.
  • Preventive or voluntary examinations and treatments,
  • Dentures and correction of dental and jaw anomalies,
  • Treatment of damage caused intentionally.

Are there any cover restrictions?

  • Staggered benefit limits apply from the commencement of insurance:
    - up to 12 months max. €1,000
    - up to 24 months max. €2,000
    - from 24 months max. €20,000 (per claim)
  • Animals with previous illnesses can be insured. Damage occurring in direct connection with the previous illness is not insured.
  • A general waiting period of 30 days applies.

Download the full version of our terms and conditions:

Pet Health Insurance terms & conditions (PDF, 0.4 mb)