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Pet Health Insurance

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Your pet should always be fit & healthy – regardless of your financial situation. That’s why it is important to have health insurance for your fluffy companion, similar to your own. It covers:


Did your cat get injured while playing? Is your pup literally as sick as a dog? This doesn’t only hurt them, but you as their owner! To minimise the pain, we cover the costs for urgent medical treatment at your trusted vet or at the animal clinic (including costs for e.g. follow-up treatment or surgery).

More coverage

No pet likes the vet! But a yearly check-up is important. That's why we help and reimburse some of the cost you pay for regular medical treatments. These treatments may include vaccinations, worming, and dental prophylaxis.

Please note: we are still currently working our tails off on our new protection. When our insurance is live you will be able to see the final terms and conditions.