Private liability insurance benefits


If you are interested in private liability insurance, you probably have many questions: What services are actually covered by private liability insurance? Is the basic rate sufficient or are certain additional modules useful? And how high should the sum insured be?

As a rule, you are already comprehensively covered with the basic rate if you cause damage to property, personal injury or financial loss to third parties. Third parties are persons who are not covered in your contract. The amount of cover plays a role here. This is the amount up to which your personal liability insurance covers the settlement of claims. Stiftung Warentest recommends a minimum sum of 10 million euros. With COYA, you can insure yourself up to a maximum amount of 30 million euros. Thus, you are comprehensively protected in case of damage.

In addition, there is the option of selecting certain additional modules to extend your insurance cover and adapt it optimally to your needs. You can find out here what options are available and what you should be aware of.

Which damages are covered by my personal liability insurance?

Your private liability insurance covers the claims for damages arising from legal liability regulations under private law. These include:

  • Property damage
  • Personal injury 
  • Financial losses

The insurance cover includes:

  • The examination of the liability issue,
  • The defence against unjustified claims for damages 
  • Your release from legitimate claims for damages

Who is (co-)insured?

With COYA, you have two options:

  1. You cover yourself alone on a single plan.
  2. You choose private liability insurance with the family rate. Then, you are the policyholder and other persons are also insured in your contract.

Family and insured persons are considered to be one and the same:

  • Your husband/wife (even if he or she is not officially registered with you),
  • Your partner living with you, provided that he/she is registered with you by the authorities
  • Your unmarried children (regardless of where they are registered with the authorities), provided that at least one of the following conditions applies:
  • Your children are under 18 years of age
  • Your children are still at school or in subsequent vocational training
  • Your children are doing volunteer work
  • Your children are recognised as being in need of care
  • They are physically or mentally handicapped and live with you or your co-insured husband/wife in a domestic community

In addition, our family liability insurance also provides cover for all people who live with you in a domestic community and are registered with the authorities at the same address.

This can be, for example:

  • your married children
  • Grandchildren
  • Parents, in-laws, grandparents, siblings
  • Roommates.

Does the insurance cover loss of keys?

Yes, the loss of keys, code cards and other key types are insured. This includes private, professional, official, honorary and club keys.

Reimbursed are the costs for

  1. the replacement of the keys,
  2. a necessary replacement of the locking systems,
  3. temporary emergency measures (emergency lock),
  4. the guarding of the building as long as the locking systems cannot be replaced

If you lose your key to a central locking system, the share of the damage (own damage) attributable to your apartment will be deducted.

Are damages to rented property covered?

Yes, damage to permanently installed rental property is usually covered by your private liability insurance.

This includes:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Walls
  • Floors such as parquet flooring, laminate, planks or tiles
  • Sanitary facilities (washbasins, bathtubs, shower cabins and toilets)
  • Built-in cupboards

Are damages caused by data transmission and internet use covered?

The insurance covers the legal liability for damage resulting from the transmission, provision and exchange of electronic data, for example, on the internet, by e-mail or by means of data carriers.

This includes:

  1. The deletion, suppression, rendering unusable or modification of data (data alteration) by third parties by computer viruses or other malicious programs.
  2. The alteration of data for other reasons as well as in the case of the non-acquisition and incorrect storage of data by third parties, exclusively due to
  • resulting personal injury and damage to property, but not further changes to data, and
  • the costs of restoring the changed data or recording or correct storage of data that has not been recorded or has been recorded incorrectly.
  1. The disruption of third-party access to electronic data exchange.

What are courtesy damages? Can I insure myself for this?

Courtesy damages are damages that can happen to you during a friendly service, a so-called favour. You may offer your help to a friend, an acquaintance, a neighbour or even a stranger, or someone may ask you for help. A favour means that you help voluntarily and receive no financial consideration.

A few examples:

  • You help a friend move. You accidentally drop a valuable item such as a vase or a flat screen TV.
  • In the parking lot, someone asks you to help them load their new sofa. You damage the furniture in the process.
  • When your neighbours go on holiday, you tend to their houseplants. In one careless moment, you knock a valuable object off the shelf.

Most of the damage is caused by slight negligence. Therefore, you are not liable as the cause of the damage in a friendly act. Accordingly, your private liability insurance generally does not cover the settlement of damages.

If you would like to insure yourself for courtesy damages, you need our "Top of the Topps." It also covers courtesy damages.

What is "passive legal protection" in private liability insurance?

Suppose you report a claim to your personal liability insurance company. Then it assumes three tasks:

  • It examines the damage and determines whether you are actually liable.
  • If this is not the case, it fends off unjustified claims for compensation from you. In court if necessary. It will cover all costs, including those for your legal counsel and any experts you may need. That is why this is called a "passive legal protection function."
  • If you are liable for the damage caused, your personal liability insurance will take care of settling the claim.

What is meant by "bad debt cover”?

If someone has caused you damage but is unable to pay, your private liability insurance will cover it.

How much does a private liability insurance cost per month/year?

That depends on whether you decide to take out private liability insurance at the single rate or the family rate. 

Private liability insurance at the single rate (for one person) is available from 47.99 euros per year.

Family liability insurance for all persons living in your household is available from 64.99 euros per year.

How can I save on my private liability insurance?

Private liability insurance at the family rate covers several persons and is cheaper than several contracts at the single rate. If you live with other people in the same household, for example, with your partner, children, one parent or flatmates, joint private liability insurance can be considered for you.

If you pay the insurance premiums annually instead of monthly, you will also save another 5%.

Is a deductible beneficial for me?

A deductible reduces your monthly insurance premiums. But in the event of a claim, you will have to contribute a certain amount from your own pocket, and this could  be a problem. For this reason, we at COYA have decided not to offer an excess.

Instead, we have reduced insurance premiums to a minimum. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy full protection without having to worry in case of a claim.

What should my insurance sum be?

Stiftung Warentest recommends an insurance sum of at least 10 million euros. If you want even more security, with COYA, you can choose a maximum sum insured of 30 million euros. This gives you comprehensive coverage in the event of damage.

Does my personal liability insurance also cover me abroad?

Yes, you have worldwide insurance coverage. However, your residence must be in Germany. If you stay outside the EU, your insurance coverage is for a maximum of five years.

Is it worthwhile to have a private liability insurance settlement?

A comparison is definitely worthwhile. Inform yourself in peace and quiet before you make your decision. It is important that you look not only at the monthly or annual insurance premiums, but also at the benefits offered.

With our "Top of the Topps" topping, you get a “Best Benefits Guarantee”: if you can show that another insurance company will pay for a case that COYA does not cover, the benefits of the other insurance company will automatically apply to your contract with COYA. This ensures that you always have the best coverage.

What benefits are always included in private liability insurance?

In short, it covers damage caused to third parties by a person co-insured on your contract. "Third parties" are people who are not co-insured with you. Up to the fixed sum insured agreed by you, your private liability insurance will settle the damage caused.

The following services are part of COYA's standard scope of private liability insurance:

  • Loss of your private key or the key cards of your employer.
  • Damage to your rented apartment, for example, a broken sink, a drilled water pipe or a terrace door that was demolished when you moved in.
  • Damage to various rented or borrowed items and equipment.
  • Damage caused by your tame pets, like cats and birds.
  • A bad debt cover: if someone causes you physical or financial damage and cannot pay, we will cover the costs.

What benefits should I look out for in my personal liability insurance?

1. Choose insurance coverage for all important persons

A central question is first of all, whom do you want to insure? Should your private liability insurance only cover you in case of damage? If yes, the single rate is the right option for you. From as little as 47.99 euros per year, you can obtain comprehensive protection.

Perhaps you would like to insure your husband or wife or your partner at the same time. Then there is the possibility of taking out a private liability insurance at the family rate and saving money. 

Do you have children? Do any other people live in your household? If yes, our family liability insurance is the right choice for you. With just one policy, you can insure yourself and your loved ones for 64.99 euros per year.

2. Agree on the right amount of coverage

It is also important that you do not choose a coverage amount that is too low. Otherwise, you may have taken out a private liability insurance policy, but you may still have to pay part of the costs yourself. Stiftung Warentest advises an insurance sum of at least 10 million euros. With COYA, you can insure yourself for a maximum of 30 million euros. This gives you comprehensive protection in the event of damage.

Does my private liability insurance also cover me if my own property is damaged?

No. If a third party damages your property, their private liability insurance is responsible. If you cause damage to your own property or if someone else insured in your contract destroys your property, this is not covered by your private liability insurance. 

Which damages are not covered by my private liability insurance?

A private liability insurance policy in Germany covers the claims for damages arising from legal liability provisions under private law.

However, there are a few exclusions that you should be aware of, such as the following:

  • If you cause damage in connection with your job, the private liability insurance is not responsible for it.
  • Damage to property, personal injury or financial loss that you cause to yourself is not covered.
  • Property damage caused by co-insured persons to each other is not covered by your private liability insurance either. It will cover damage caused to a third party (a person who is not co-insured) through your fault (or through the fault of a co-insured person).
  • You are not insured as the owner, keeper or driver of a motor vehicle, watercraft, aircraft or trailer for damage caused by the use of the vehicle.
  • Damage resulting from violation of personal rights or rights to a name, hostility, harassment and nuisance.

Additional services

With our additional modules, we offer a range of individual services. This allows you to optimally adapt your insurance coverage to your needs. You can find out which services these are here.

Sometimes, basic coverage is not enough. In this case, you can individually extend your insurance coverage with the modules you need. COYA offers so-called "toppings" for this purpose. Depending on what suits you and your family, you can easily add these additional services to your liability insurance. This way, you will receive insurance protection that is optimally adapted to you and your family.

What additional benefits are available?

"Top of the Topps"

Our Top of the Topps extends your insurance coverage to include...

  • Damage caused by unpaid assistance. These include "courtesy damages" that occur during friendly services such as moving or renovation assistance.
  • Damage caused by persons who are incapable of committing a crime, such as children under the age of seven or adults who are classified as incapable of committing a crime due to a mental, physical or psychological illness.
  • Compensation for replacement value for items that are no more than one year old up to a maximum of €5,000.
  • The loss of keys not culpably caused, for example, in the event of robbery.
  • Assistance to victims of violence up to an amount of €50,000.
  • Exemption from contributions in case of unemployment up to 1 year.
  • The Best Benefits Guarantee: If you can show that another insurance company pays in a case that COYA does not cover, the benefits of the other insurance company will also apply to your contract with COYA.

"Rental and Hire Vehicles"

The additional module "Rental and Hire Vehicles" covers damage caused by the rental of cars, motorcycles and motor homes. Here, the so-called "Mallorca-cover" is also insured. A prerequisite for the insurance cover is that there is no or insufficient coverage from the motor vehicle liability insurance concluded for the vehicle. 

Also, a misfuelling (for example, diesel instead of petrol) is covered up to a sum of 3,000 euros.


The additional module "drones" protects against claims for compensation for damage caused by the permitted private use of aircraft with engines that are subject to compulsory insurance. The insurance cover applies to drones, model aircraft, helicopters/helicopters and multicopters with a take-off mass of up to 5 kg. The remote-controlled aircraft must be within visual range.

What is the "Best Performance Guarantee"?

The "Best Performance Guarantee" included in this "streusel" provides insurance protection at the highest possible level. Suppose you cause a claim that we do not settle according to our terms and conditions of insurance. If another personal liability insurance in Germany pays in this case, the benefits of this insurer will automatically apply to your contract with COYA.

When can I claim the "premium waiver in case of unemployment"?

If you lose your job as a policyholder and register as unemployed with the employment office, you can have your contract set to "non-contributory" with the topping "Top of the Topps" and still remain insured for the last agreed coverage. If you start a new employment relationship, your exemption from contributions ends when you become unemployed. If you remain unemployed, your private liability insurance will continue to run free of premium for a maximum of one year. After that, your contract expires automatically.

What is meant by "benefits despite liability limitations"?

If agreed, COYA will settle claims, although you cannot be held liable for them by law. This is the case in the following situations:

  1. On courtesy damages in the case of unpaid friendship services, such as moving and renovation assistance or neighbourhood assistance.
  2. Damage caused by children/persons who are incapable of tort.
  3. Damage due to mental or consciousness disorders (for example, as a result of dementia)
  4. Damages due to the loss of keys not culpably caused.

Suppose you have children under seven. They're deemed by law to be unfit for crime. That means you're not liable for any damage they cause, unless you violated your chaperone privileges. However, you may still wish to make good the damage caused, so as not to jeopardise the good relationship with the injured party. In this case, our topping "Top of the Topps" is a useful addition for you. COYA regulates these damages, although you cannot be held liable.

What is meant by "victim assistance"?

In addition, you are insured if you are the victim of a violent crime and have suffered permanent physical (not psychological) damage as a result of the crime, and if the Victim Compensation Act entitles you to a victim's pension in accordance with §§ 30-34 of the Federal Supply Act. This also includes sexual offences.

If you suffer permanent physical damage due to the violence you have suffered and receive a victim's pension under the Victims' Compensation Act, we will pay you a one-off payment of up to 50,000 euros (victim of violence assistance), depending on the amount of the victim's pension.