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Liability insurance for singles


What is liability insurance for singles?

The insurers differentiate in some policies according to marital status. The private liability insurance (or personal liability insurance) for singles is specially tailored to single persons and is also called "liability insurance for singles". The background of the distinction is obvious. An insured single person is less likely to suffer damage than a family of five.

The private liability insurance for singles covers claims for damages if the policy holder is held liable by a third party. The legislator regulates the liability for damages in section 823 BGB, paragraph 1: "Whoever willfully or negligently violates the life, body, health, freedom, property or any other right of another unlawfully, is obliged to compensate the other for the resulting damage”.

What this means for you is that you have to pay for the costs incurred with your entire current and possibly future assets.

In contrast to motor vehicle liability insurance, personal liability insurance is not a compulsory insurance, even if this or a previous federal government has in the past considered a compulsory policy for every private household. Stiftung Warentest considers private liability insurance to be the most important policy of all, as it avoids the financial ruin of the injuring party.

Simply put, private liability insurance covers the expenses incurred by justified claims for damages or helps fend off unjustified claims.

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What types of damages are covered by your private liability insurance?

  • Personal injury
  • Damage to property
  • Financial losses
  • Defense against unjustified claims

What is the difference between a single liability insurance and a family liability insurance?

Family liability insurance provides financial protection for the policyholder and the members of their family, provided they live with them in the same household. An exception is children in education who live elsewhere. These also belong to the group of insured persons. Family liability insurance also applies to single parents.

Single liability insurance is aimed exclusively at the target group of single persons without a partner and without children.


Why is a liability insurance for singles useful?

If you move out after graduating from high school or after completing your education, it makes sense for you to have your own insurance. Paragraph 823, section 1, BGB leaves no doubt as to the regulation of claims for damages. Very few people deliberately plan to harm a third party, but accidents happen unexpectedly in everyday life. And the range of financial consequences can be enormous. We would like to give you three examples of this:

  • You're invited to your neighbour's to check-out Rolf Benz' new sofa. Unfortunately, you spill a glass of red wine over your hosts' white fabric couch. This is a case of material damage caused by you, for which you must answer for. In this case, your liability insurance for singles will cover the cost of cleaning the sofa.
  • You are on your bike, a passer-by crosses your path and is knocked over by you. He falls to the ground and breaks his arm. According to witnesses you were too fast, the court determines your liability for damages. Personal injuries are expensive. First, you'll probably have to pay damages for pain and suffering. In addition, the other party's health insurance company will claim all costs incurred in connection with the accident from you. If experts were necessary or witnesses were heard, you will also have to pay their costs. Against this background, it is clear that personal injury can mean the economic ruin of the person causing the accident.
  • By carelessness you delete files on a friend’s USB stick. The recovery of the data is connected with costs, a monetary disadvantage for your friend. In this case there is a financial loss, which is also insured in your liability insurance for singles.

In a case of damage, you are liable to the injured party with your entire assets. If a personal injury also results in future payments, for example a pension, this also reduces your future income.

Unjustified claims

It is also quite possible that unjustified claims are made against you. The passer-by who ran into your bicycle was, as it turns out, on the phone and you were not going too fast. He had caused the accident himself. In this case the liability for singles acts as a passive legal protection insurance and helps you to fend off unjustified claims.


What should I look out for in my single liability?

All liability insurances are based on the same legal requirements. However, they differ significantly from each other in their details, depending on the provider. Besides the limits for specific insured objects and assets, the famous small print, the premium also plays a role. The fact is that with a provider like Coya you can save a lot of money compared to companies with a local office.

If you like to travel or spend a lot of time abroad professionally, it is important that your liability insurance is valid worldwide and is not limited to Germany or Europe.

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Is there a period of notice?

Usually, insurance companies provide for a three months period of notice to the end of the insurance year for private liability insurance. Coya waives this, so termination is possible daily. This is how Coya offers you the greatest possible flexibility and no trouble with notice periods.


How much should my insurance sum be?

Another aspect that plays a role when choosing a private liability insurance for single persons is the amount of the sum insured. In view of the claims for damages that can occur in the event of personal injury, the higher the better. With an insured sum of €30 million, Coya is one of the most progressive insurers in this area, offering you a high degree of security in every situation.

Everyone has specific individual needs, so depending on your personal life situation, you may need more or less comprehensive insurance coverage compared to other people. Our single liability insurance already offers a quite comprehensive basic cover, which you can extend with additional modules according to your individual needs. This way, you avoid paying a premium for risks that do not apply to you. How the extended insurance cover can be composed is explained in the following.


What benefits should my private single liability insurance include?

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The most important inclusions for your own insurance.

  • Damage to a rented apartment, in the hotel room or holiday apartment.
  • Damage caused by small animals (cats, rabbits, etc.)
  • Loss of a foreign apartment key and replacement of the locking system.
  • Loss of receivables cover for claims against a third party.

We have explained the main basic coverages to you. As the insurance cover is quite differentiated, here are five further examples of cover inclusions:

  • You live in a rented apartment and when hanging the bathroom mirror, the hammer falls into the sink, which breaks. According to the rental contract, you are obliged to pay the landlord compensation. Because of the risk of damage to the rented property, Coya covers the costs for the new sink and the installation.
  • Your cat is bored and digs up the freshly planted flowers in the neighbour's flowerbed. The consequence is that your neighbour has to buy new flowers, the cost of which you are liable for. Damages caused by small animals are covered by the Coya single private liability insurance.
  • Your mother lives in an apartment complex with a locking system. The key is stolen from you. As a result, the central locking system has to be replaced, a damage that quickly runs into the upper four-figure range. Within the scope of ‘key risk’, Coya takes over the costs for the replacement.
  • On New Year's Eve, your neighbor ignites a rocket that flies into your garden house and starts a fire. Unfortunately, the neighbour has no private liability insurance and is also sitting on a huge mountain of debt. Within the scope of the bad debt cover your insurer places this person as if they were a policyholder of Coya and pays for the damage, but only if the person causing the damage is classified as insolvent by a court or notary public.

Not mandatory for every policyholder but included under the coverage is the property as builder or property owner for selected properties. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

A completely new area in the segment of German private liability insurance is the use of pedelecs / electric bicycles that are not subject to registrations. If you should use such a bike, any resulting damages are also insured.


Which additional services can I add to my private single liability insurance?

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You can individually optimise your private liability insurance with these additional inclusions:

Rentals and hire cars

  • Majorca Cover
  • Reimbursement of the excess of a fully comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for rented or borrowed vehicles.
  • Reimbursement of costs for the consequences of misfuelling in rented or borrowed vehicles. Please note that for rented motor vehicles, the compensation is limited to €3,000.
  • Financial loss incurred after settlement by the motor vehicle liability insurer due to downgrading of the no-claims bonus in motor vehicle liability insurance.

Top of the Topps

  • Best Performance Guarantee
  • Exemption from contributions in case of unemployment
  • Claims for damages resulting from unpaid assistance (damage caused by courtesy)
  • Assumption of claims arising from damage caused by persons incapable of acting in tort
  • Compensation for replacement value for items that are no more than one year old (up to €5,000)
  • Aid for victims of violence


  • Insured in legal liability as owner, keeper or guide for damage caused by the permitted and private use of aircraft with engines or propellants (e.g. model aircraft, helicopters, multicopters, drones - up to 5 kg take-off weight) for sports or recreational purposes (even if used occasionally by third parties in your presence)

To give you an idea of why these additional inclusions might be useful for you, take a look at the below examples:

  • You cause an accident with a friend's car. If you have excess compensation included in the event of an accidental damage with a borrowed vehicle, Coya will cover the cost of your friend's deductibles to settle the claim.
  • Misfuelling a car. If you accidentally fill the wrong fuel into a car, the vehicle will require an engine wash. Your single liability insurance will cover the cost of this.
  • You help a friend move. Their TV falls out of your hand and breaks. Until a few years ago this circumstance was not insurable. Today, you can also protect yourself against the financial risks of assistance if you have the additional inclusion of damage caused by providing assistance free of charge.
  • Damage caused by persons incapable of committing a crime. This situation applies when, for example, your little niece or your mother who has dementia or other limiting illness visits you and causes damage in your care. The law states that no one can be held liable for damage caused by persons incapable of committing a crime. If your two-year-old niece scratches the neighbour's car, in theory he will have to pay the repair costs himself. However, the neighbourly relationship would probably suffer as a result.
  • Compensation for new value: The claimant will be reimbursed the value as new, not the time value of the damaged item. The condition is that the item must not be older than one year and must not exceed the value of €5,000.
  • Drones can be seen in the sky with increasing frequency. If these are not subject to insurance and lead to a claim for damages, you can have a hefty bill on your hands. This is why the Coya single contract can include these claims as an addition to your policy.

Which requirements do I have to meet in order to take out a private single liability insurance?

You must be of legal age to conclude an insurance contract. To apply, please create a Coya user account on the website. Once you registered, you can go ahead and submit your application.

You also need a bank account or a credit card. The payment of the fees can be made either by SEPA direct debit or credit card online. There is no option for cash payments.


Which damages are covered by my private single liability insurance?

In addition to the insurance cover already presented, the coverage in your single contract is even more differentiated. As these are very extensive, we list the most important points as keywords:

  • Activity as a day parent
  • Certain self-employed secondary professional activity with a maximum annual turnover of €12,000
  • Damage inflicted on an employer or colleagues up to €5,000
  • Certain watercraft activities
  • Voluntary activities
  • Environmental risks such as oil or gas tanks for the co-insured property
  • General risks from real estate ownership. Please note there is a restriction on type of property this applies to

Which damages are not covered by my private single liability insurance?

Regardless of how extensive the insurance cover is, there are circumstances which are not covered by single liability insurance. These include, but not limited to:

  • Own damage: You drop your mobile phone or laptop on the floor and break. There is no insurance cover in this case, as no third party has been injured.
  • Deliberately caused damage: Even in the case of deliberate damage, no insurance company is obliged to pay benefits. In case of gross negligence, however, you have the right to claim compensation, even if reduced.
  • Motor vehicle damages: Motor vehicle damages are not covered by private liability insurance; motor vehicle insurance exists for this purpose.
  • Damage caused by your dog or horse: Unlike cats, dogs and horses are not covered by private liability insurance. In both cases you need a separate pet owner's liability insurance.
  • Damages within the family, if they are covered by your contract: These are also excluded from coverage. If you throw your brother's mobile phone on the floor and it breaks, the insurer does not have to pay any benefits.
  • Complimentary damages: These damages result from assistance for a third party and are only insured if you book this component additionally.
  • Damages in connection with your profession: As a civil servant or employee in the public sector you need a special public liability insurance. The law provides for special professional liability insurance for certain professions, for example doctors. The classic single liability insurance does not apply in these cases. As an employee in the private sector, you are usually insured through your employer.

How much does a private single liability insurance cost?

The question of the price is the main focus of many insurance companies. However, some policyholders forget that a favourable price with service insurers is also associated with a deficit in benefits. With online insurers, a favourable price fortunately does not exclude a comprehensive range of services.

The Coya single liability insurance is available starting at €4.99 monthly.


How can I save on my private liability insurance for singles?

Coya calculates the premiums very carefully. While other insurers relativise high premiums by possible deductibles in order to reduce costs for the customers, with Coya you do not have to make your own payments in case of a claim. In addition, the premium is reduced if you decide to pay annually.


What do I have to consider if I want to change  from a single plan to a couple’s plan?

Der Wechsel in den Paar- oder Familientarif gestaltet sich einfach. Informiere Coya einfach darüber, dass du ab sofort den Familientarif wünschst. Du solltest auf jeden Fall prüfen, ob der Vertrag für deinen Partner oder deine Partnerin möglicherweise um den von dir bisher noch nicht benötigten Versicherungsschutz erweitert werden muss.