Coya Referral Program

Are you happy with Coya? Whether friends, relatives or acquaintances, for every new customer you refer to Coya you can earn €50! The person you referred will in turn also receive a discount of €15 on their Coya contract.


It's this easy:

1. Log in

Log in to your account and scroll down. There you will find your personal referral link, which you can share with your friends.

2. Share your link

Send your personal referral link to friends, acquaintances or relatives.

3. Your friend joins Coya

Your friend must close a Coya contract as a new customer. They will receive a € 15 discount.

4. Ka-Ching!

As soon as your friend has closed a contract, you will receive a €50 referral bonus from us, that will be paid out in two instalments of €25 each.

More information on our terms of participation here.

Here’s a super short version of the  Legal stuff:

You must have an active Coya account as well as an e-mail address that has been confirmed by us to refer friends and family with a personal referral link. The referred persons can only participate if they are closing a Coya contract for the first time and their e-mail address has been confirmed. How will you receive your referral bonus? If you refer someone, you will receive a €50 reward in two separate payments of €25. The first will be paid out once the referred customer has had an active policy for 60 days. The second half will be distributed once the referred customer has completed a full year with Coya. In addition, the referred customer will get a discount of €15 upon purchase of their first policy with Coya. We also would like to inform you that the referral bonus does not apply if the referred person does not pay their monthly premium. Just so you know, this is only a summary of the general terms and conditions of our client-referral program. You can read the full version by clicking here. By participating in this program you accept these conditions.